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    Nayax card programming

    Thanks will try, appreciate the help
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    Nayax card programming

    Has anyone programmed non nayax cards into their system? I have some printed clone cards and noticed on the Nayax portal you must put in card number (on the card) and a unique card number(not on card) .Is this automatically generated or do i put same number in both sections?
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    Nayax count up

    Nayax has a chart that converts what time you input to time cost eg every 20 seconds it’s .25 is this what you mean?
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    Nayax contactless prepaid cards

    Dolphin Printing in Calgary
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    Voice Alerts via Remotely

    I used to use PC Anywhere years back to access my office computer and send out Pre recorded prompts over my speakers. I have a couple of Ring cameras that are great for the same thing(2 way talking) but does anyone use a sound board with pre set recordings? If so what are you using? I know...
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    Nayax Wash Select 2 wiring

    Does anyone know if nayax can be wired directly to the same terminals on the Unitec board , same as the coin acceptors?
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    Bought a wash 6 years ago, have tried multiple times to be able to get my info converted from old owner( to get tech info, schematics etc) to just log in..... but never a response they really are a brutal company to deal with
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    LED Self Serve Booms

    What price are you paying?
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    Hydro -Spray

    Does anyone have this at there location or has seen it in use.The YouTube vid looks ok.... If so does anyone know a price?
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    Vending Water

    Yes the convenience factor is a bonus...I only do about 300.00 a month but I have the space and so far hassle free just the filters 6-9 months
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    Booster pump Impeller repair

    Hi very informative group, enjoy the posts and comments..I have a question or two..has anyone ever rebuilt there impeller specifically a Sta Rite Model?...was the process complicated or too precise?Thanks group