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  1. Kimberly Berg

    Auto Fragrance - Missing Equipment

    Fragramatics is located in Arkansas and their phone number is 1-800-643-1574. Kelli is a great resource and will steer you in the right direction! 👍☺
  2. Kimberly Berg

    Name to a tap

    I'm envious. What state do you live in HCCW? Here in California I can barely get through to PD Dispatch to take my calls seriously when there's a problem at my car wash. :mad: I have 31 high resolution cameras and don't cry wolf.
  3. Kimberly Berg

    Auto Fragrance - Missing Equipment

    Really depends on your demographics. Ask your customers what services they want. They want you to succeed & will be honest. I have a Fragramatics Spray Machine & customers LOVE it!! ❤️ No one else in our area offers it. Offer a popular scent like Black Ice or Wild Cherry. Air machines in our...
  4. Kimberly Berg

    Pressure at the pump. Low pressure at the nozzle

    I had a problem like that a few years ago. New hoses & new CAT pump, but suddenly low pressure in Bay 1. We replaced the check valve & hose. Found strands of Teflon tape had created a blockage inside the new steel-braided hose. Took us longer to find it than fix it. Crazy!! 🤯
  5. Kimberly Berg

    How do you organize your hoses?

    I've been at this for 20 years now. It's been a labor of love! ❤ If you stick with it long enough, you'll get it all dialed in real nice. The original owners ran all the poly tubes through a 4" pipe the length of the bays. The tubing was black, then changed to red, green or yellow, depending...
  6. Kimberly Berg

    If you ever need a vehicle wrap...

    Looks like Cousin Eddie's RV... :ROFLMAO:
  7. Kimberly Berg

    Chargebacks again

    How are you winning? Through the credit card company or civil court? I use eport for my credit card transactions and they told me they have to refund EVERY customer who disputes a credit card charge. It's the agreement they've made with the credit card companies. They said my photo & video...
  8. Kimberly Berg

    How do you organize your hoses?

    2 years ago, we upgraded the low-pressure setup and kept our ARO pumps. I designed new matching manifolds, fabricated in stainless steel, replaced the solenoids (KIP), added large 4" gauges, color-coded the poly-tubing to match the Magic Wand system. Blue = Foam Brush, Green = Wax, Pink =...
  9. Kimberly Berg

    Need Opinions on what Auto Car Wash to add to SS

    CPD = Cars per Day
  10. Kimberly Berg

    Hamilton coin hopper

    I have a dual DRS hopper system from Hamilton and 10 years we were being strung. This was before we had cameras. I realized we had a problem when the amount of cash we were pulling out didn't match the numbers on the rotary counter on the hoppers. No damage whatsoever. We were always off in...
  11. Kimberly Berg

    The biggest risk I have taken as a self serve owner….

    🙏❤ Dealing with the public in this industry can make you harsh, impatient and cynical. I appreciate your post. You did the right thing calling the police. Forgive yourself and pay it forward... maybe donate to a local Veterans organization.
  12. Kimberly Berg

    "It rained mud last night!"

    It's that time of year... Cha-ching!! 👍 🤑
  13. Kimberly Berg

    Another lucky break #2

    Great point MEP001!! I have a contract with a local towing company, with 3 signs posted. The vacant lot next door (where the RV was left) is being sold and currently in escrow. The seller didn't want to sign a contract with a towing company. Owning a self-service car wash is a hands-on...
  14. Kimberly Berg

    Another lucky break #2

    On Thursday 2/23/23, this white dually truck pulls onto my neighbors vacant lot and leaves their dilapidated RV behind my car wash. At first, we thought they were visiting family in the neighborhood, and needed to temporarily store their RV. Over the past week, the RV was slowly being picked...
  15. Kimberly Berg

    Up and Running

    Great job James! The car wash looks very clean & modern. I appreciate your posting BEFORE and AFTER photos. I'm very proud of your efforts and I'm sure your late father is too!! 👏❤
  16. Kimberly Berg

    Poll: I plan on taking a few days off this summer to relax.

    Fortunately, the restaurants always bring us 2 cakes. No need to share or fight over the candles! :ROFLMAO:🎂
  17. Kimberly Berg

    Poll: I plan on taking a few days off this summer to relax.

    Maybe it's different when you have an identical twin sister to celebrate with... We've always been close. Every year we spend our birthday together, celebrating our friendship, accomplishments & blessings!! 🥳 🎂 ❤
  18. Kimberly Berg

    Poll: I plan on taking a few days off this summer to relax.

    Haha! It's a fact that the older you get, the more birthdays you have!! 🥳🎂
  19. Kimberly Berg

    Poll: I plan on taking a few days off this summer to relax.

    Finally booked that dream vacation I've been talking about! I'm at Turtle Bay Resort on Oahu this week, celebrating my birthday with my twin sister. Relaxing trip & catching up on the latest issue of SSCWN!! 🤙🏝❤
  20. Kimberly Berg

    Air logic or Air shammee

    The Diskin nozzles use the nut swivel inside the cuff & its difficult to replace a worn hose (at the cuff). It kept unscrewing, so we would use Marine JB Weld to prevent it from unscrewing from the nut. Its also very difficult to push the nut swivel into the vacuum cuff. I prefer the Air...