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    Cat vs Arimitsu

    on the issue of head wash out, over 16 months ago we threw out nearly new cat plunger pumps installed on 2 separate new pumping stations and locations , plunger units were removed (cat), after a year of problems with heads and seals failing, we had head's washing out, seals leaking, it got so...
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    which is better belt or direct

    for the remodel went with tried and true set up, main objective is the ability to service the units as we have multi locations, items chosen are cat 623 pumps slow pump speed,, have not had luck with plunger pumps when compared with cup pumps, 5 hp motors that are easily to replaced dual belt...
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    which is better belt or direct

    thanks for the input we are redoing an older pump room we have decided to go with time proven components, belt drive, piston cup pumps, new stainless pump stands, wall mounted chemical tanks, space is important but being able to service the equipment, clean/over haul valves/ clean filters is...
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    which is better belt or direct

    have run belt drives for a long time, looking at direct drive for pump/motor units. What are the pro and cons for such a set up,
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    Are you going to the Car Wash Show?

    we are applying some ideals and systems used by the big boys to our self serve operations and results are awesome, some times you have to be open minded and willing to adapt and spend a little
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    Are you going to the Car Wash Show?

    make the show on a regular basis, where else can you see, talk to suppliers, see new ideals,and chew out a weak supplier, we run Muli locations, so looking back 5 years ago there is a gold mine of new ideals and equipment that we have installed and now reap the benefits. we look at some other...
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    2.0 Wash Wizzard Tanks

    just repaired a ss tank holding for chemicals, tank leak spot was fixed but welder told us that material was a low quality stainless with lots of carbon in the metal, he explained that the material would crack went welded due to carbon in the metal and some day it will leak again
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    Rowe BC1400-American upgrade

    just converted 5 older bill breaker changers with American conversion kits, kept the old cases and wall mount set up, units were rowe 1400/ 1600 units and traid units, all dual coin dual coin hoppers updates, chuck was involved with his input, and he advises American changer, seems to have...
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    hand held in bay air gun speed

    what is the cfm and current draw for a handheld air dryer in bay air system such as a air shammie
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    ica show nashville

    tried to find vendor list for the ica show (who to talk to) in Nashville, stie is poorly done ,there is no info, pricing has really changed, not impressed with ICA performance
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    pex plastic tubing for carwash use

    does PEX tubing, is it useable in a carwash environment
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    Micro Coin QL rejecting tokens

    program to a 2th channel with combination of rejected tokins and working tokins and leave the first channel alone. that should solve problem, then you have two channels to accept tokins
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    How do you see the future of self serve wash business?

    soonermajic, are you sure your in the right business, you must have a low ball car wash or washes, 600,000 is very do able with the right locations, sometimes you pay for location, location, location
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    How do you see the future of self serve wash business?

    we sold rental properties to get into the coin op car wash business, don't regret, we bought other owners car washes that were run down, lack of Maintenace, no reinvestment in new equipment. and turned them around, we do our work, repair, upgrades were practical. Our main focus is making sure...
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    Proper Gauge wire for 3 motor vacs

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    crypto tap falling apart

    the units are in a self serve and have about 30 units in service
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    crypto tap falling apart

    we have how had 2 crypto tap units fall apart, no physical damage to units but face cover that appears to have screws and 2 sided tape holding the cover on. cover is lose and components exposed, very easy for damage to occur
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    Thoughts.....American Changer AC225C

    we have used, have in service and converted many Rowe units over the years, several times over, using Rowe upgrades, triad conversions, American changer conversions ( did not work out and the kits had to be returned. these conversion unit use the EVO plastic coin hoppers, in our case $ and...
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    replacement bill counter

    2 th your choice, works great,can be serviced as needed, well worth the investment