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    Rowe BC1400-American upgrade

    Has anyone upgraded the Rowe BC 1400 with the American upgrade kit? Not inexpensive .. at $2600 approx. Hoping someone has had positive experience with it. I understand that our original Rowe spare parts are now obsolete.
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    Electroswitch rotary trouble

    Thank you for all the replies. Much appreciated. I've been using the plastic switch but am going to start using the metal switch referred to in the discussions, and will be using suggestions found here. My problem is with the plastic switch, which I've used for years, -- not a lubrication or...
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    Electroswitch rotary trouble

    I have used the plastic 8 position rotary Electroswitch for many years. Most of them last 5 years or more. Currently, however, I am having problems with many of these switches. They are stiff when new, and become increasingly more stiff - hard to turn- necessitating changing them within 3 or 4...
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    Problem with 573 Hydrominder

    I have the same problem with all new kits-the spring has a large and small end. I cut off one loop of the small end. The tolerances are too close to allow opening, and the spring piles up one loop, before cutting, and has been enough to stop opening at times. This works for me.