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    Turbo nozzles

    Good question
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    Employee theft of SureVend w/ a key

    Gonna pull cameras tomorrow. If it is him, I'm 100% pressing charges. Will let yall know
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    Jim Coleman vacuum dirt door

    They cut our locks. Then we put much better locks. They pried off the dam doors! We haven't locked any doors since!! We shut them back early every morning, & sweep up the dirt. Takes 8 minutes, & is an annoyance. But, maybe ITPODB...?
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    Employee theft of SureVend w/ a key

    Think my fired employee took a sure vend key, to the cylinder t-handle lock. How hard & expensive is that to change?
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    eCatcher for Washworld - For those who use Apple phones

    Sheesh, buy a new phone. Problem over. Ha I got a Galaxy S8 Active. About 8 yrs old, build like an A1-Abrams tank, & still runs everything perfect. Dam Russians, Chinese & NKoreans can't get in either! It's full on military grade. Cost no more to buy than notmal phone.
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    Alternate Spray Arch Nozzles LW4000

    Im thinking that Kleen-Rite sells those General tip LW4000 replace.ents?
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    The Death Knell! Population 5300!!

    So town of 7200 pop had SEVEN IBA's?!!! Then gonna add a tunnel...!!!wowser!
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    Losing count on a Razor Edge

    Unfortunately, I can't remember. He walked me through it 100mph. I forgot to write it down to.😰 I willbask Alex & get back...
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    Blue Beacon truckwash- why would they not automate

    That sounds automated....
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    Selling a multi Tunnel sites, as a pkg.

    How would a person go about selling a group of 3 new tunnel washes near NW Arkansas? Or does area even matter?
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    Losing count on a Razor Edge

    WW tech got me back counting. Alex, their tech, was great help...
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    Losing count on a Razor Edge

    Edge blue arm went haywire other day. Put keys over prix switches, got arm moved, Auto Homed & got it back g3ling. This was after i had powered it off & back up. Adter all this, it would not count anymore. Yhe 2 PLCs are off, but only by about 3 minutes. Anyone got any experience with this?
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    Cat 310 pump Motor

    The internets
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    Wash World adter Hours tech

    Appreciate it. Ive reached the point where I don't even like my competition to be down.
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    Wash World adter Hours tech

    WW Tech called me back. Arm was 45° toward driver side, prox wouldn't detect. Put keys in front & got prox switches to light up. Manual moved it back out to a good spot, Auto Home & good to go!
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    Wash World adter Hours tech

    Driving there now. Hour away...😰
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    Wash World adter Hours tech

    What time do they shut the phone lines down? Im down on a Fri of Labor Day weekend. Called 4x since 9:30 & not even a call back. It's now midnight. Guess I will try again in morning. Will be the FIRST GOOD SATURDAY IN OVER A MONTH...& Im down. Have bought 2 new Razors in past 2 yrs, need...
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    That is LIGHTNING fast!!