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    Wash Select II cameras

    Hi, I am trying to install cameras inside our WSII's. Unitec/DRB does not sell them. Where could i find them? Thanks
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    WashWorld Razor

    Hi, we are in the process of replacing one of our Laser 4000 with a WashWorld Razor, we think is a good machine and we are getting a good deal. Of course nobody will tell us the bad stuff from what they my question is what strange things we could foresee in a near future? Thanks
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    PDQ LAser 4000 Dryers

    Hi, we have a laser 4000 and is working ok for a 20 plus years old machine. Our only issue are dryers, customers complain all the time and def. we know they do not dry enough or as good as new ones. Our service comp. says that they are old tech. and they are ok and we can't get more from...
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    Re wash codes for people not paying attention to back up light

    Hi, we normally give rewash code when this happens, after verifying with our CCTV of course, was wondering how other locations handle this particularly case. Last night a gentleman came and try to use two of our machines, soft touch and touch free and in both he couldn't see the signs, he was...
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    PDQ Laser 4000

    Hi, we have a PDQ L4000 that is doing a great job for many years. Our only downside with that machine are the dryers. They are not moving anymore and barely drying cars. We are planning to replace them with outside stand by dryers but before that we would like to perform a "tune up" to our...
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    Air Shamee's fuses

    Hi, one my bay dryers stopped working 2 of the 3 motors during this past weekend. I just replaced them but still not working, tried to verified the fuse but is stuck inside and can not pull it out so I am assuming that could be the problem. Do we really need them? can I bypass them? Each one of...
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    Recording personalized messages at Unitec WSII

    Hello, we are trying to change some of the messages of our WSII's (we have 5 ) so replacing them is not a simple decision. WE want to push more our unlimited plans. Any idea? someone had done it in the past? Per Unitec you can only record partially messages and insert them to the ones already...
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    WSII - background light

    Hi, one of our WS background light stopped working. Basically at night nobody can read nothing at any screen. We have a whole unit that we inherited from another site before they demolished. Really don't want to start replacing parts without nothing exactly which one is bad. Since the are two...
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    Social Media and SEO services

    Hi, wondering if someone is using a marketing company for Social Media advertising. WE are going to start investing in marketing and we are trying to find a company that knows the business. Any recommendation? Thanks
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    IBA Soft Touch

    Hello all, We are replacing one of our G5's with a Soft Touch. At this point we have only two options, our bay is too small for other machines. 1) Ryko Maxx 5 2) PDQ SurfLine Of course, if we compare prices Ryko is way more cheaper. Not looking prices, please we will appreciate your...
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    Planning to replace one of our in bay machines

    Hello All, We like to buy a new in bay automatic for our car wash, are any of the manufacturers offering 0 % financing for the first 2 years as an incentive to buy the equipment?
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    Short bay, need suggestions...!!!

    Hello all, We are planning to change one of our PDQ G5's for a soft touch machine. The only problem we have is that our bay is only 33 Ft long. At this moment Coleman Hanna and Washworld said no because they need at least 37 Ft to work. We are thinking in PDQ Surfline, Belanger Freestyler and...
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    Cryptopay Retrofit Kit for Unitec - WSII

    Hello, we have 5 WSII's and we are thinking to change to Cryptopay our in-bays. What we found is that we we are going to loose print recepits for cash transactions. Any other cons? Any pros beside the consolidation of transactions? Thanks
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    Duplicate cycles

    Hi, we have a GinSan meteer boxes in our self service bays. With GS-64 and Gs-65 boards. Suddenly one of our bays started duplicating the first 5 bottom cycles in the next 5 bottoms. We already replaced both boards assuming that could the problem but nothing continue doing the same. Yesterday we...
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    Belanger - Freestyler REar windshield wipers

    Hi, I know as a fact that brush machines can tear down rear windshield wipers once in a while. We have been dealing with one or two per month last couple of years. We have signs saying we are not responsable for wipers, so customer understand. The last couple of weeks the problem is getting...
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    Cryptopay - Out of compliance readers

    Hi, Just received a charge back dispute from a customer that used one of our bays for total of $10.00. He said that his card was stolen and bank is giving his money back. Checked my CCTV and found customer swiping his card. Checked car tags and is register to customer so definitely was not a...
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    Bay door decals

    Hello, i am trying to find a company that could customize our door decals, with our logo, and other things we want them to say. For example about Cryptopy charges. Can someone recommend us a company? We have Ginsan ultra boards. Thanks
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    Vacuums not turning on with correct numbe of coins

    Hello, we used to have once in a while a customer complaining that vacuum did not turn on, we put an extra coin and start working. Maybe they did not count correctly....I am assuming. But, now have of my vacuums need one or more coins to turn on, even when i tested. Yesterday I tested one and...
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    Need some advice please

    Hello all, I am new to business. Was hire few months ago as a manager for a 6 ss bays and 2 in bay automatic car wash. Didn't have much experience really before but I think I'm good turning wrenches and learn fast. Already things are working much better... When I started one SS bay was down...
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    Central Blowers G5

    I have the central blowers not working. I called the company that give us service and they put a a quote of 6.5K for changing th two center ones. Is there any way to rebiuld the old ones?. is that a too complicate job? Can my in-site tech and I can do it?