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  1. Roz

    Hydrominder ULD?

    does anyone have experience with the new Hydrominder ULD systems that KR is promoting for ultra lean chemical usage? Sounds interesting as it is supposed to eliminate tip clogging...
  2. Roz

    Can a experienced veteran impart some IBA wisdom on me?

    No way difference is $100k, unless you are purchasing a used M22. We have a 2015 M22 that cost $150k. Profile is similar in cost as we are selling our M22 and replacing with a Profile in two months. We are offering the loaded M22 for sale such that you or anyone interested can save $100k...
  3. Roz

    Can a experienced veteran impart some IBA wisdom on me?

    One unmentioned benefit of new technology (if you get good equipment like WW) is the ability to help customers remotely from your phone. You hopefully do not need to do so often however the word gets out about very responsive car wash owners who can help customers even if not on site. Helps...
  4. Roz

    Valutec Digital Cards?

    Any use FIS for CC processing and receive the email about Valutec being automatically added to your account unless you opt out? Anyone have experience with those digital gift cards? Cannot find any info on them and the email announcement was poorly written.
  5. Roz

    Unitec Portal Ti question

    Is there a way to remotely view the Wash Select II from a website or iPhone like Hamilton or ICS?
  6. Roz

    Appraisal Value

    Ah. Makes sense.
  7. Roz

    Appraisal Value

    We have two LLCs structured like you to limit risk and liability. Unless you are going to try to sell the business without the property (very hard to do) I do not see the benefit of paying rent as you file everything on a Schedule C personal income tax form. What am I overlooking?
  8. Roz

    New HydroMinder system KR is promoting?

    Has anyone used the new hydrominder systems for ultra lean use that KR is recently promoting? Looking for any feedback on them. The traditional tips for the 506 model, esp the smaller tips, get clogged with too much frequency. Thx...
  9. Roz

    Anyone know tunnels? Cost to build?

    I have seen an Open air tunnel in Europe. If I can find the place online I will post but Europe is more innovative at times than the USA wrt car washing.
  10. Roz

    Push to start problem

    Remote controller or CryptoPay Attendant card.
  11. Roz

    Cryptopay chargeback and unauthorized use of virtual terminal

    How does a virtual terminal get associated with your CryptoPay account?
  12. Roz

    Help first Car wash Purchase w/o RE

    You are probably right. I know of a few SS/IBA that probably produce $1M, and more that probably do $500K+ but still not at the Express level. I do hear about many Express tunnels that lose money on revenue of $1M so it is not a slam dunk for sure.
  13. Roz

    Help first Car wash Purchase w/o RE

    From a purely financial perspective (cash flow) why should Express Washes sell for 10x and a high performing SS/IBA sell for 5x when both might have the same (or close) operating income without the numerous employee headaches?
  14. Roz

    Help first Car wash Purchase w/o RE

    Express washes are hot now. Many are selling for 10x gross as there is a lot of private equity money chasing them. Perhaps you look for a SS/IBA model.
  15. Roz

    Help first Car wash Purchase w/o RE

    5x property would be if real estate is included. 2x-3x is more appropriate if just buying the business and paying rent. Make certain you have a long term lease as you will find it hard to resell if you lease term is short.
  16. Roz

    WashWorld Trouble

    Maintenance menu or in the winter controls you can push button for front or rear door down or you can use I/O forcing. WW can help you. If machine does not power back on properly that would be more of a concern as something is not right with the wiring. This sounds very odd as WW does a lot...
  17. Roz

    Wash World Timeline

    No idea as I do not have the new prices. You can ask them but really does not matter now unless you can talk them into using the June prices. Often they tweak prices of a few components or make something that was once standard an optional add-on. A less in your face way to raise prices.
  18. Roz

    Wash World Timeline

    The date given to me by WW is the day it leaves their WI factory. They usually ship on Fridays. In all cases we received the truck the following Monday. No idea if we were lucky or just that we are in MD and WV so an easy drive from WI. Hawaii is probably a greater challenge for any...
  19. Roz

    Advice on an offer to buy carwash

    If you want to sell you should get 5x gross since equipment is new and updated.
  20. Roz

    Thickness and angle of bay cement

    Floor heat lines should be zip tied to the rebar. You can get heat reflector material for underneath the lines too. Adds a bit to the cost but saves you fuel costs when system is run.