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    Maintenance on a Mark VII touchless

    What kind of maintenance can I do to make this older touchless perform better? I’m fairly certain the previous owners only fixed breakdowns and never did maintenance. Some of the applicators for the triple foam seem to be clogged for sure, the vfd broke and was put in full power at all times -...
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    Center boom maintenance

    A couple of the center booms are hard to turn. What kind of maintenance can I do to these to make easier to use? Looks like there is a wheel of some sort up there, do those require replacement at certain intervals?
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    Latches for clean outs on Fragramatics

    A lot of the latches on the vacs at the wash are either loose, bent, or broken from age and use. The slots are worn out also. What are my options for repair on this without spending money on the latchless kits? Vacs have been neglected like the rest of the wash.
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    Need about 50 padlocks keyed alike

    Hi group, looking to buy about 50 padlocks keyed alike for our vacuum clean outs, dumpsters, and lower security stuff. The locks on there now are old and giving us trouble, some don’t open and some only sometimes open. Where should I be looking to get these? I have seen lock America thrown...
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    Pre-Soak Back Feeding

    Hi Group, new problem popped up today, hoping you guys/gals can guide me in the right direction. Noticed that when pre-soak is selected in one of the bays, it is back feeding liquid and air back to the plain water holding tank for the HP soap and wax. Seems like it is only that one bay that is...
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    Cat 310 low pressure and pulsating like crazy

    Where should I start to troubleshoot? Probable causes of this issue? Have the bay closed because of too many complaints of low pressure.
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    Foam Brush Boom Maintenance

    Hi group, the booms mounted on the walls for the foam brush don’t return all the way back to home position and we’ve had a few incidents of hoses getting broken off. Is there maintenance or adjustments that can be done to make the booms return all the way back home? I’m sure these booms haven’t...
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    Fluid controls PR-1000A remove and replace

    Hi group, 3 bays in our recently acquired wash have these valves to feed HP chemical. I believe 1 of them is not working correctly - HP soap and wax not feeding to bay and water back feeding into the diluted chemical holding tanks. This site used to be setup for hot water but was removed long...
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    Nayax with ACW5?

    Is there a kit available to install nayax on an ACW5?
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    Quickest way to find bad check valve

    I think I have a bad check valve in one or more of my bays. Hose blowing off flojet outlet, brand new flojet starts leaking air after 1 day. What is the quickest and easiest way to find the bad check valves?
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    Older Hamilton RNS refurbishment

    Hi group, new self serve owner here. I've learned a ton from reading older threads on these forums. Wealth of knowledge! The wash we bought has a lot of deferred maintenence to say the least and we are working through fixing the issues. It has an RNS changer from 1991 and a rowe with a Mars...