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    Foam Brush Boom Maintenance

    That hose you have inside the boom might be too short and restricting it from going back. Also, make sure the hanger for the boom is angled towards the side you want the brush hose to go back to.
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    New Razor Double Barrel, options.

    Put in the power towers and just call that 2 options. Wheel Blast and Rocker Panel/Undercar Blast
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    New Razor Double Barrel, options.

    Watch your customers for a few hours. See how many drive in slowly. Very few if any. Even with a large sign, it will not matter. Don't waste your time with the big shot.
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    Help with Carolina Pride RO unit

    We had our carbon filter rebed last week, and ever since then the product stays right around 1 instead of 0 even when the unit is not running. I'll take the inlet solenoid apart and put it back and it goes back to 0 at rest, but as soon as the RO unit kicks on again, the product goes back to 1...
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    Looking for a company to crate a pallet

    Thanks. I have used U-Ship, but they don't pallet. I'll search are reach out to some local companies.
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    Looking for a company to crate a pallet

    I am buying some car wash equipment and I am responsible for crating and shipping. Anyone know of companies that crate/ship or at least just crate?
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    Water Softener Problem

    Not sure the brand, but this brine valve was the issue. I got it to work by working the plunger until it got looser, but I need to replace it. Am I able to just replace the plunger assembly, or do I have to replace the whole valve?
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    Water Softener Problem

    I got a call today that my brine tank was overflowing. Checked it out and the brine line from one of the tanks was running non stop. It was the tank that was offline, so I just bypassed it for now until I can figure out the issue. I have zero experience working on softeners and was wondering...
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    In Bay lighting

    My lights are off during the day and the bays are very open and bright. I don't think you would even notice if the lights were on during sunlight hours. Maybe some washes are covered in shade and would benefit.
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    In Bay lighting

    Why 24/7 on the bay lights?
  11. S BEWARE!

    Amy has been there for a while. I sold with them a couple of years ago and no issues.
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    My poor Fragramatics

    I have one mounted on a vac, can't remember where I got the bracket from. Probably Fragramatics.
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    Security Kit for Carolina Pride Vacs

    Thanks. Latches should be easy to move. Is the security bar just riveted in? Is that secure enough?
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    Shurvend programing instructions

    Just press the yellow button on your board inside, that puts it in programming mode. Then the screen will walk you through it. Cycle to prices and it tells you what to press to save or move forward etc.
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    Rowe changer

    Would this be better than doing a Genesis conversion?
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    Diaphragm Check Valves

    What make diaphragm check valves special or needed? I have a few on my Tandem and G5's and was thinking of swapping them for conventional check valves. Was wondering if they served a purposed that I am not aware of? Have a few that just keep dripping. Thanks.
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    Security Kit for Carolina Pride Vacs

    Door is 12 inches tall and about 16 inches wide. Latches start at 2" from top and bottom, 7" between them. Thanks!
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    Security Kit for Carolina Pride Vacs

    Anyone know if the JE Adams security kit would work on a Carolina Pride round vac? If not, is there a different kit I can use?
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    In bay tire shine

    Diskin stopped selling their model since sales were so low.
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    New Equipment

    I love my Jim Coleman Pump stands, not sure what makes other so much better. Very easy to work on and very reliable. Maybe I just dont' know better?