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  1. JJJakubowski

    Scary ... VERY Scary

    Okay, on a lighter political note, but still making a weighty point --- Colleen and had a helluvva GREAT time this Halloween! We REEEAALLLY got into it! I made exquisitely grotesque ‘Joe-ker’ Biden and Pelosi masks (mounted on hand held paint stir sticks) and got a bit costumed. VERY creepy...
  2. JJJakubowski

    .... And then there is AFGHANISTAN!

    I do not really need to say any more than the title of this thread. That said, I am gonna say this anyway: Do you know how President Trump "negotiated" with the head Taliban Mullah when he said the USA would be pulling out of Afghanistan ... but leaving in a measured and strategic way...
  3. JJJakubowski

    Do I dare ask what MUST be asked about "bordering on INSANITY"?!!

    This question is directed primarily to our dearly beloved Dem carwashers in TEXAS. But it is something we all must consider. And that is: Do you grasp the dire consequences of President Harris’ facilitating the invasion of millions of undocumented Democrats flooding across the Texas...
  4. JJJakubowski

    A sad loss ... and how Life goes on

    It is with the most profound sadness that I share this information: Tom Coutre, my very good buddy and great friend of the self serve carwash community, died on Monday, 11/21/16. The only sliver of light is knowing that he is now reunited with the great love of his life Kim who passed 2 years...
  5. JJJakubowski

    One of SS's Greatest Generation has passed

    Frank Piersall, one of self serve carwashing's Greatest Generation passed away last week. History should duly note that Frank was at the tip of our industry's pioneering spear. Jack Thompson may be most often credited with opening the very first coin-op SS in Ardmore, Oklahoma back in 1964...
  6. JJJakubowski

    I found Joe!

    I now have Joe Campbell's contact info. We'll have a reunion soon ... At which I'll be revealing to him that his "baby" (SSCWN) will go on ... and on! Joe (age 87) will be thrilled that his legacy will keep on truckin'. Make that a BIG DITTO from me! JJJ
  7. JJJakubowski

    Any advice on migraines in adolescents?

    Does anyone have some experience and tips regarding the successful treatment of very severe migraine headaches in adolescents? We have a friend whose 14 year old daughter is enduring really horrendous migraines. The episodes are becoming more frequent and ever more terribly debilitating ---...
  8. JJJakubowski

    Hopes and prayers for those in the Southeast

    For the last couple days, our thoughts and prayers have been devoted to the victims of the horrific storms in the Southeast ... with special concerns, of course, about our "extended family" of carwasher brothers and sisters. Some (who many of Forum regulars know) live and work in those cities...
  9. JJJakubowski

    Lock 'n Load

    Attention all gunslingers, plinkers, marksmen, and advocates of the 2nd Amendment: Season 2 of "Top Shot" (on the History Channel) has just begun! JJJ/SSCWN
  10. JJJakubowski

    Dog Bite, Insurance, and Lawyers ... oh my.

    We'd appreciate some informed advice. My wife, Colleen, was bitten (right forearm/elbow) by a bloodhound in December of 2009. The attack was totally unprovoked. The damn dog was HUGE --- as big as smallish bear ... at least 150 pounds. Fortunately, she was wearing a heavy coat and very thick...
  11. JJJakubowski

    Staying alive, staying alive

    This looks like "life or death" information very well worth remembering and sharing: JJJ/SSCWN
  12. JJJakubowski

    Up for some DIY "Editorializin'"?

    I'm the first to admit that the SSCWN is riddled with idiosyncrasies ... not to mention some riddles. One quirk that begs the question is --- why the hell do I write an editorial for the "Editor's Corner" ?!! I mean, for cripes sake, every issue is already ladened (for better or worse) with...
  13. JJJakubowski

    Stop this Cap & Tax madness ... NOW!

    The Obama administration is doing a "wonderful" job of running the biggest, most dangerous shell game in our country's history. There are soooo many different spending programs and Big Government initiatives flooding outta O's Oval Office and Congress all at the same time. It's been VERY...
  14. JJJakubowski

    See you at the Tea Party!

    I'm going to be attending the Tea Party here in Grand Rapids, Michigan ... surprise, surprise. I've made a sign with a message on both sides: one side has the "Don't Tread On Me" flag popularized in our first Revolution. And the other side says, "Taxation With BAD Representation, Is Tyranny!"...
  15. JJJakubowski

    How do brushes grab ... and even kill?!!

    In 2007 a young man attending a GooGoo exterior express in Michigan was killed when he was entangled in a whirling brush. And very recently, a young female attendant at a Golden Nozzle EE in Massachusetts was pulled into and almost strangled when her scarf was caught up in a brush. Pardon my...
  16. JJJakubowski

    Take a seat in a jet airliner cockpit

    Given the fact that there are a number of aircraft pilots on this Forum ... and considering the recent miraculous soft/crash landing on the Hudson River ... and, not to mention, it's just flat out impressive --- Here's a link to a impressive 306 degree tour of a modern jet airliner cockpit ...
  17. JJJakubowski

    Government: boon or bane to the carwash industry?!!

    I found this on the internet, so it must be the real deal. The question begging to be answered is: how will this governmentally inspired car design impact the carwash industry?!! JJJ/SSCWN Subject: The Pelosi GTxi SS/RT