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    LTT8 pulled from a vac. Working when pulled. $60
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    Wiring Diagram typical self serve?

    Does anyone have a typical self serve wiring diagram? I am trying to simplify the controls from the overly complex system I have now. I have this diagram: And...
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    Credit Card not turning on equipment

    I've got an interesting problem. I have Hydrospray equipment with added on WashCard readers in the bay. The other day all bays will scan the card and start charging it, without turning on the equipment. I have reset the tower with the satellite server and powered down the site controller and...
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    What is this?

    Thought I would ask the gurus here, what are these? I was cleaning the other day and found a dozen of these from the previous owner. I know that they look like the end of a broom handle that screws into the head, but thought maybe they had something to do with the wash? I can't imagine why...
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    Timer display

    What does everyone display on their bay timers as quarters are deposited? Mine shows the seconds per quarter until the start price is reached and then it begins the countdown. However, I bet over half of my complaints at the wash are people who say they put $3 in and it isn't working...
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    IDX Programmer

    Hello all, Does anyone have an old IDX Timer programmer (RC800) they would be willing to part with? Or want to rent one out? I hate to give a $150 to reprogram the stupid message.... Thanks in advance!
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    Presoak for HP soap?

    A while back I took over a wash and the previous owner used KR chemicals. So far I have been unimpressed with the purple passion presoak. It seems to separate and turn to jelly and creates a mess. I am going...
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    Soap and wax solenoid location

    Currently my pump stand uses gravity fed wash water with the soap and wax solenoids located on the intake manifold of the pump. Is there any reason I can't move the solenoids to a manifold on the bottom of their respective chemical tanks? As long as I used suction rated hose\tubing, what would...
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    Water softness testing

    Quick question, I have a water test kit that uses the powder and then you count drops for the solution to turn from blue to pink (or vice versa, can't recall at the moment). Anyway, whenever I add the powder the water is already the "right" color; without adding any drops. Does this mean the...
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    Foam Brush Woes

    I am running a Husky 307 pump at 60 psi with air assist at 40 psi. The problem is, sometimes it works good for foam and then it starts pumping liquid. It had been working great up until a few days ago; although I'm not certain of the pressures ( I adjusted them without noting where they were...
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    HSH-Q Hopper

    Hello all, I have a Hamilton HSH-Q hopper that seems to constantly give the "Hopper 3 Jammed" error code. I have taken it apart and cleaned everything out; I have also looked for grooves that I know some members have advised on, but it still seems to error out. Any further suggestions? Were...