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  1. Greg_T

    Summertime FUN at the Car Wash

    Is is recommended to rub car wash chemicals into your eyes?
  2. Greg_T


    Apparently the post " Summertime FUN at the Car Wash" had some pretty good music playing! :)
  3. Greg_T

    Biggest Pet Peeves --- and solutions

    We live in an area with lots of farms and 4WD tracks, so mud is simply a part of life for us. We have a 3 bay SS wash, and I shovel out about 50 gallons of mud each week. We also have 4" drains, and have to really keep on top of any muck building up.
  4. Greg_T

    Not just a car wash

    Agreed, neatly presented SS wash. We are in a rural area with lots of tractors and farm machinery, but I don't think that we've ever seen them at our wash. There must have been a tractor "show and shine" going on there!
  5. Greg_T

    Help first Car wash Purchase w/o RE

    Whilst I can see that operating a carwash on a leased property would be viable (and perhaps really profitable) in the right circumstances, it's not something I would do personally. I like to think that all the effort in cleaning, maintenance, upgrades etc. that we put in returns as a benefit in...
  6. Greg_T

    RV - Truck bay addition to SS wash

    I just had a thought - if the concrete has an existing slope to one corner, you could possibly install a pit in that corner. Obviously this pit would also require connection to your dirty water discharge system. To keep water from the bay getting away, you could install a rollver bund around...
  7. Greg_T

    RV - Truck bay addition to SS wash

    We have a larger bay that is suited to trucks, RVs etc. and it works really well. But is has sloping concrete floor, central pit, roof over, lighting etc. For our particular location, we would miss a lot of work without having this larger bay.
  8. Greg_T

    branding thoughts?

    I like the idea of branding all your washes the same, so customers can expect the same level of service and professionalism whenever they use a wash with your logos etc. I would imagine ongoing marketing costs etc. will all be lower when you can concentrate all your efforts on one brand rather...
  9. Greg_T

    HP Manifold

    Thanks - I wish I could take credit. We were fortunate to purchase a well built facility. Only major workmanship issues I have found are where no-one can usually see, and pipe, cables etc. were haphazardly laid together. Over time I have tidied this up, so now the facility overall is in pretty...
  10. Greg_T

    HP Manifold

    For what it's worth, this is our set up. From left to right: - High pressure from Cat pump - Spot free (RO) rinse - Pre-soak - liquid & air - Tyre and engine clean - liquid and air We recently made some changes to this setup, and after about 11 years the brass fittings all looked in good...
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    Yep, I do remind myself that we don't even know what cold is in Australia. Thanks for the suggestion.
  12. Greg_T


    It doesn't get really cold in Australia, but our mornings are getting close to freezing currently. So my delicate Australian fingers get awfully cold doing the morning and evening clean ups. I would really appreciate any recommendations for gloves that are good in a SS wash situation. Thanks in...
  13. Greg_T

    No power at meter box

    Thanks for all the information from various contributors. I know the issue is now solved, but FWIW I had a very similar issue with intermittent fuse & circuit breaker trips. Eventually found a pipe manifold sitting on top of a multi core cable. Over time the brass fittings hard worn through the...
  14. Greg_T

    Approached for Ground Lease... unfamiliar.

    Where do I find one of those deals!
  15. Greg_T

    New to me wash

    The improved lighting looks good. I really like the idea of buying a business that has a good foundation but has been run down - it leaves lots of opportunity to put in some hard work and get the reward. I'm still very much a novice, only 3 years in, but everything I have learned about our...
  16. Greg_T

    Tri foam turning to jelly in the mixing tanks

    The only problem with this plan is that 35mm film canisters are nearly extinct (along with Kodak)! Although I'm sure some modern equivalent could be found. ;)
  17. Greg_T

    Who is going to Nashville?

    Sorry to hear Randy, hope you're pointing in a better direction soon.
  18. Greg_T

    Who is going to Nashville?

    We won't be at Nashville, but my dear wife has agreed to a future Australia -> US trip with the carwash show as part of the itinerary. Looking forward to getting there one day!
  19. Greg_T


    With regards payments, the minimum dogwash is $10 Australian, so most payments are either credit card or notes. Only a small minority would be by our $1 and $2 coins. With regards location of the dogwash, we are fortunate to have a climate where the dogwash can be outdoors and able to be used...
  20. Greg_T

    The biggest risk I have taken as a self serve owner….

    Great looking wash. I really like the bright blue and yellow.