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    Who’s installing Ceramic Coatings?

    Just like the title say. The wave is here. Who’s riding it and who’s sitting on the beach? Great source of income. Somewhat easy to install. Exclusiveness from immediate competitors. We use Optimum & SB3 Coatings.
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    Plastic Floor Covering?

    Anyone installing this floor covering? If so, how much are you charging and where are you getting them from??
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    Detroit's Abandoned Car Wash & Detail Shop Pics

    Many aren't aware that Detroit is plagued with not only abandoned homes & commercial buildings, but also an extraordinary amount of Car Wash & Detail Centers. More than any other city in the world! My guesstimate would be that well over 100 currently exist. Most who live in the suburbs of...
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    Help: Key things to know when purchasing an existing Self Serve?

    After years of dreaming about wanting a Self Serve, I finally decided to pull the trigger and move forward in a more serious manner. At this point I am at the initial stages of looking at existing Self Serve washes and I have some questions. I have 1 wash that I am going to inquire on and...
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    4 Questions about Recycled Water

    *Approximately what % of Car Washes are using Recycled water? *Which type of Car Wash typically use them? (self serve/tunnel/touchless) *What steps does Recycled water get used in? (soap/protection/spot free/rinse) *How clean is the Recycled water? (filteration) Thanks in advance!
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    Can Coin-Ops Clean w/o Foam Brushes?

    I'm wondering if it is humanly possible for a dirty car (one with road oils, not just dust) to get 100% clean in a Self-Serve wash if you DON'T use the foam brush step? Some people claim that allowing the pre-soak to have time to dwell will allow it to loosen the dirt and cause the dirt to...
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    Indoor Do-It-Yourself Washes

    Has anyone ever witnessed 1 of these style washes ever? I heard people talking about them being in Canada, but are there any in the States still around? I also knew of a Touchless version that recently closed in the Metro Detroit area. Lots of overhead with poor management killed it.
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    Detailing @ the Coin-Op

    Does anyone offer detailing at their Self Serve? Depending on the wash volume and/or amount of bays you have, I could see doing an easy conversion of 1 of the bays(next to equipment room) into a mini detail shop. Or, depending on the weather, it could be done under a canopy. The tunnels do a...
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    How do find Coin-Ops for Sale?

    Hello - I'm in the preliminary research stages for purchasing a self Serve wash and I'd like to know some and/or the best ways to find one that's on the market. I'm in S. Florida & I'm wondering what the market is like down here. Any advise your able to give would be helpful. Thanks in...