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  1. mjwalsh

    Water Main Replacement Temporary Water Hookups?

    I wonder if some of my fellow "water users" ... those of us with more than a just self serve facility have faced the proposition of new water main using their latest techniques. They are currently just starting the late in the season project. I knew from my residence's similar experience that...
  2. mjwalsh

    Franchised wash new here in town

    On Sunday I tried out the brand new conveyorized Tommy Wash on their best "da works wash". I honestly did not think that my bugs on my front bumper of my Honda Fit were baked on that bad since I keep the vehicle out of the sun most of the time. I noticed it did not get the bugs off as much as...
  3. mjwalsh

    One of the Better Analysis of Socialism Dangers I Have Found

    This forum appears to have a bit more healthy independence than others when it comes to small business. That is more so than I have found on some other forums including some laundry forums & possibly even the US Chamber of Commerce ... so I am sharing what was shared with me this morning. I...
  4. mjwalsh

    Has anyone ever found a need to use a shielded cable prox switch rather than a unshielded prox swt?

    This is probably a question more for the automatic &/or conveyorized washes. Has anyone ever found a need to use a shielded cable prox switch vs the much more common unshielded? The shielded cable ones appear to be much more expensive so I am holding back on buying some for replacing some...
  5. mjwalsh

    Worth a Look-See 27 minute mark in terms of Election Integrity IMHO

    This is one of the best ... if not thee best perspective from a trusted individual: Especially from the interview's 27 minute to the end. Regardless of personal preferences & biases ... this is worth a view-listen IMHO!
  6. mjwalsh

    This Video at the 41 Minute Mark Uses Car Washes as a Flattering Example?

    I was going to post the following video link in the Crime Reports Category ... but here it is in this category. There is a quite a bit of referencing to us sometimes unglamorous car washers & our technology starting at right around the 41 minute mark. Since I have numerous paper token...
  7. mjwalsh

    Voltage Spike Snub Experience?

    Below is a pic of a bank of an Automation Direct's product within our 10+ year old dog wash. AD's new version is ZIPLink Transorb Module: 8-pole (PN# ZL-TSD8-120) | AutomationDirect Here is a picture. Any thoughts or better yet actual experience ... on how these kinds of devices might help...
  8. mjwalsh

    Merry Christmas!!!

    Merry Christmas & hopefully the best kind of fulfillment during 2021!!! This is to my fellow "free spirited" discussion members of this Car Wash Forum founded by Bill Pitzer.
  9. mjwalsh

    Chemical Resistant Wiring by Tire Motor Solenoids?

    Our tire-motor solenoid control area with its wire terminals close to the chemical tubing is in the process of getting ready to be redone. Do any of you have a source for a few feet of THHN 18 gauge wire or similar chemical resistant wire (lets say red & white color)??? Do you think it is kind...
  10. mjwalsh

    Just Covid-19 related?

    I just received an alert type of notice. Not sure if this will affect any of us ever so possibly I will understand if there is no discussion on the following:
  11. mjwalsh

    Any examples of other Self Serve Car Wash owners being interviewed by some local mainstream press about coin shortage?
  12. mjwalsh


    It might be too sensitive of a topic but I am wondering if any fellow car wash owners have ever had protesters (marching etc) for whatever reason in front of or close by their car washes. The below today's starting point was within a few blocks of our car wash. Not sure how extensive the...
  13. mjwalsh

    Happy Easter 2020 Everyone!

    Since sometimes our exchanges can get a bit contentious ... I just thought this could be in order on this "timeless date of observation"!
  14. mjwalsh

    FWIW Cashless Concern Shared

    Below was a link that one of my laundromat forum friends shared that at some point could be a "not so pleasant wake up call" here in the USA.
  15. mjwalsh

    Healthy Dialogue about BILL-COIN ATMs

    Our over 8 years of unbelievable success with our ATM has motivated me to at least try to lobby for higher denomination coins that could eventually solve a lot of problems. Not the least of ... non customers stealing coins from our ChangeMakers for their apartment house washing machines. Call...
  16. mjwalsh

    Whale a Wash Unique Damage Yesterday (Sunday)!?

    I think many of you remember our friend & fellow car wash forum member John Lynn from Whale a Wash who I believe transitioned his car washes into new ownership some time ago?! This was carried by our local Bismarck, ND TV news but the link below might be a bit more thorough...
  17. mjwalsh

    BSPT pipe thread vs NPT "hands on" person?

    I ordered something online & on their specification they said PT for the pipe thread ports on the device & like a dummy I assumed that meant NPT. No it turns out that is very likely BSPT. I did find adaptors to NPT that I can order from Ebay etc so I am not worried too much. 1/4" & 1/8"pipe...
  18. mjwalsh

    Inline Air Filters Moisture Removal Help

    For several years now we have been using the following (linked below) to remove moisture from combustion pressure line on one of our 92+ efficient Hydropulse 150K BTU Modular Boilers. The reason why I am posting is because I am thinking that some of you can share about which brand-models of air...
  19. mjwalsh

    Our County's Refugee Decision yesterday evening from 6-10PM

    Yesterday evening I made it a point to listen via a "rural over the air antenna" (not just cable) TV channel BEK Communication... a very emotionally charged public input meeting held by our local county commission. What was planned to be 2 hours of testimony turned out to be 4 hours. At 240...
  20. mjwalsh

    Portable Sign Ordinance Public Hearing

    Portable signs are used in our industry. It can give us a chance to use our property both residential & on premise in a way to be less dependent on other ways of advertising. Our local city commission because apparently they do not have anything better to do are hashing out amongst themselves...