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  1. mjwalsh

    Cryptopay threatening me to change to Worldpay

    Time will tell for us on our future long term experience with a "from World Pay Processor to another Processor" switch. Not sure if this post will be appreciated, pertinent &/or relevant but I notice about 8 months ago that our ATM processor who helps monitor for "receptacle-machine errors"...
  2. mjwalsh

    In Bay Heat

    Based on experience ... forced air seems to help get rid of a kind of "white-out" that can be created in a bay from the huge difference in temperatures between outdoor air & indoor air on some colder winter days! This is something that our "milder weather" fellow forum members have trouble...
  3. mjwalsh

    Has anyone ever found a need to use a shielded cable prox switch rather than a unshielded prox swt?

    This is probably a question more for the automatic &/or conveyorized washes. Has anyone ever found a need to use a shielded cable prox switch vs the much more common unshielded? The shielded cable ones appear to be much more expensive so I am holding back on buying some for replacing some...
  4. mjwalsh

    Peeling Paint in the Bays

    We used latex epoxy above 8 feet. Up to 8 feet we used FRP. We plan on replacing the FRP within a year or two to make our 1968 built self service concrete block car wash more brand-new-ish. Even after KleenWall washing the FRP & probably any other similar plastic it eventually starts to look...
  5. mjwalsh

    Airlift door sensor failure.

    Hopefully ... this does not create a possible safety issue. Fear of potential sensor problems is one of the reasons we are the only ones who activate the closing or opening of our airlift doors via our more forgiving ZAP Brand (than other operators). Air cylinder operators may be safer than...
  6. mjwalsh

    Issue with window cleaning

    IMHO ... here is something that could be beneficial to prevent possible streaking: I have heard some tunnel car washes have some a bit more "g force" dedicated spinner extractors. Why ... based on our 902-1092 g force extractors in our laundromat ... more soap residues are extracted vs any...
  7. mjwalsh

    Truck Backed over my Vac

    I am with Roz on his approach consistent with me hitting the "like" button. What I will add is that I would be firm on the few days that you are requiring them to pay. I could be wrong; but it seems like you could use the lever of being able to file a criminal complaint to make sure they hurry...
  8. mjwalsh

    National Quarter Shortage

    If an operator starts to see 15+ twenties in a row on their changer log-in stacker ... the odds are it is a convenience store or fellow business owner as the perp IMHO. Why does the gov't & banks collude to set the stage for those & similar type of "happenings" among its citizenry...
  9. mjwalsh

    Argumentative customers!

    Soapy & others, Honest to God. The young PD officer that I referred to in my post # 7 ... actually verbally reprimanded me when I told him that I took a phone pic of the loiterer. The officer seemed to think that was too offensive. That was after I told the "punk" officer that I took it from...
  10. mjwalsh

    Argumentative customers!

    FWIW, If you are pretty sure of heated verbal exchange that is about to happen ... where the person & possibly his "bought, sold & paid for witness" will lie to PD when & if they are called & arrive, it might be wise to have hit the audio record app button on your smartphone. If needed later...
  11. mjwalsh

    Quarters rolling through directly to the reject slot.

    OurTown, Your wish is also on our specific "wish list" because of self service interactive equipment in my 50+ coin mech laundromat is much easier to modify-adapt with "short drops"!!! It seems like lobbying a foreign country's company (Australia) might be more difficult though ... not sure?!
  12. mjwalsh

    Quarters rolling through directly to the reject slot.

    My hope is with the proper overall support ... coin mech manufacturers ... especially within the USA ... will tap into some top notch electronic engineers who will hopefully have the capability to improve on coin mech quality. So the Aussie Microcoin QL possibly will not continue to have the...
  13. mjwalsh

    RO membrane filter

    I could be wrong ... but it seems like the higher GPD might be slightly more porous possibly meaning that it will allow too many TDS after less usage ... shorter time???
  14. mjwalsh

    .... And then there is AFGHANISTAN!

    Point ... well made JJJ ... as you have been known to make great points in the past with SSCWN etc. General Mike Flynn puts everything in as good of perspective as currently possible it seems. Not to paraphrase him too much but it amounts to ... is once the "atheistic or 'functional...
  15. mjwalsh

    WAGO wire connectors

    John Spokas & others, FWIW ... my humble observation shows that there are times where terminal strips are preferable to any types of wire nuts including Wagos. The size of the control or junction box is a factor of course. What I have found that it is easier to run wires at 90° & 0° angles...
  16. mjwalsh

    replacement bill counter

    Greg, For the heck of it ... maybe you can ask your local Cummins Allison repairman ... how the bill counter repair costs & its potential problems compare with the Cummins Allison Coin JetSort 2000 &/or 3000? Based on my communications with our local Cummins Allison repair people they draw a...
  17. mjwalsh

    Vacuum staying on

    Albeit ... it requires more effort & a bit of modification ... but one of the best things we did was go to Dixmor LED7s for each of our four vacuum timers. Also away from the inside bay water & humidity ... we repurposed some of our "6 distinct coin" IDX's for our vacuums. Pretty much 100%...
  18. mjwalsh

    Changing over to tokens?

    I am betting that Chaz's dollar coin options & not forcing tokens makes a plus for him over a potential close by competitor who is too fixated on tokens &/or CC only. I am also betting that he has coin mechs that would be ready to accept "long overdue 'albeit not here yet'" $2 coins along with...
  19. mjwalsh

    replacement bill counter

    Correct me if I am wrong ... but I am pretty sure that some digital scales can be set up with a nifty serial-lan connection like my Cummins hi speed sorter counter has been set up reliably since 2002. That would be my preference ... including if we ever would spring for a more high priced bill...
  20. mjwalsh


    I am thinking for our semi enclosed front part of our tandem bays where we let those 3 specific foaming brush hoses drag on the ground on each side of the vehicle ... they could make sense. I may try one set just to see if there is an improvement ... possibly the set could help prevent hose...