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    Quarters rolling through directly to the reject slot.

    I have the best luck with the Micro Coin QL.
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    Changing over to tokens?

    I use nickel platted high security from Van Brook. I think James is who I talked to last order.
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    Changing over to tokens?

    I went from quarters to dollar coin, found out fast that people would come in to just get the dollar coin , they said they started to collect them. Switched to secure dollar tokens. Best thing I did.
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    Proof that no one ever reads signs...

    I personally think you have it right, as long as you have the spot free last.
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    Where are you located and what is your start-up price/minutes?

    Central Florida Self serv. bay $2.00- 4 min. Vacuum $1.00- 4 min.
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    Love bugs

    Starting to see some in central Fl.
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    Wires burning inside Fragramatics SAV-F unit

    I also had to get a circuit board repaired , and the scrolling menu board repaired. Hope yours isn't that fried, good luck.
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    Wires burning inside Fragramatics SAV-F unit

    Ditto on what MEP said, had the same thing one time , lighting was what caused it.
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    'm getting to hate Starbucks

    I don't have tow signs up. I called the police to get a car towed they told me that if the car is on private property I didn't need to call them. I have had 3 towed so far. I just call the tow company, and they said they call the police when they get the car back to there shop. I do have to...
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    bay coin acceptors probs

    I had same problem, switched to Microcoin QL took care of the problem.
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    Dancing at the car wash

    The local Walmart plays music on the outside speakers. A friend use to have music in his wash bays, but had to turn it off because some customers thought that they had to play there music louder. :(
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    Kleen Rite

    Thanks You, now I know why mine are splitting so bad in the last year.
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    Cracked Grate

    A friend replaced one bay about a year ago with a fiberglass grate from Kleen-Rite. He said no problems. Had some heavy pick up trucks wash in the bay. Said he is going to replace his other bays with the fiberglass grates this year. The grates are 4' X 8'
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    Love Bugs !!!!

    There gone in my area. Hope to see them again in September!
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    Business sucks, so doubling down

    That's a good ideal , but they do have a paycheck coming in, why don't you give a free carwash and vacuum to some of the people in your town that have been laid off, or lost there job. It might just make there day. And they will remember you helped them out. Sounds like your looking for free...
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    Shallco Rotary

    Ditto on what MEP said. Been there and done that!
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    This is the reason why...............

    I'm right there with you Randy!
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    Dixmor remote code?

    I'm pretty sure you have to push the set button then push 6 0 5
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    Foam Brush stain??

    I used chemicals with red dye in it. ( foam brush, hi pressure soap) had staining on hi pressure. most on fiberglass boats, old vinyl tops. So I just did away with chemicals with red dye.
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    Need help please on oil separator!

    CFCW, I do have a pvc T in all the wash bays. MJWALSH, I have signs in all bays that says just that. Kevin James, had the wash about 6 years.The pits are do to be pumped out, think I better get on it. Thank you for the feed back. Been reading the forum for 6 years. This is a good place to...