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    Kinetico Overdrive CP216 Commercial Softener

    Is Anyone using these Softeners.If so where are you getting your parts.besides from the Distributor.
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    Razor not Measuring Cars Going all the way to the back

    Have been dealing with this intermittent problem since install its going all the way to stops and wasting product.Help so you spend several thousand dollars for a machine and I have to wipe a eye off every 20 washs.come on
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    Hammered in Texas

    Just asking if you need some Help!!
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    The Owners of the Older Ginsan Self Serve Equipment

    This little check valve can be a butt kicker when it malfunctions on your Flojet Pumps.
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    Hamilton Goldline with Crypto Pay Locking Up

    Our Hamilton Goldline Credit card Swiper has been converted to Crypto pay every couple of weeks it locks up and says Purchase is Complete. Carwash in Use. and Swiper just shows green LEDs.Ive contacted Crypto Pay and they said nothing is wrong on there end .So I've contacted Hamilton just...
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    Crypto pay Customer Service

    Does anyone know of a good phone number to be able to speak to human ?
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    Hamilton Hand Held for Goldline

    Can they be refurbished?
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    Shortages and Price Increases in the Carwash Industry

    Have been listening and watching. Just wondering what kind of shortages we should expect. I'm already getting price increases On some of my equipment that I I use.
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    V Belts on the Champion Gin San Systems

    What Brand of V Belts does Everyone use on their Self Serve Equipment.I just don't get any longevity from my belts.
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    Ice Vending Machine

    I have been shopping for awhile and have looked at several who has had the best luck with which brand and style.
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    Carwash Owners in the Hurricanes Way .

    We Need to Help Any Fellow or Couples Carwash Owners in the Path of this Hurricane. Where all In this Together .
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    Washworld Razor Sonar

    We just installed a new razor and the sonar keeps getting water on it causing it to measure the car incorrectly and going all the way back. anyone have any idea
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    Mars Coupons

    We just swapped out our Hamilton and installed Mars validator.Where can we purchase our coupons at.
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    Chemquest Soaps and Razors

    Is Everyone using Chemquest Soaps on there Razors ?
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    Washworld Razor and Ap Formulators

    Is anyone using AP Soaps on the Washworld Razors.
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    Floor Marker Reflectors and Wall Coatings.

    Replacing the 4000 in 6 weeks .and wondering whats the best way to adhere the reflectors to the floor.Also whats the best 2 part epoxy for coating the CinderBlock Walls.Thanks
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    Presoaks for the Razor

    What brand and type of presoak or presoaks that your using on the Razor.Our sales rep for washworld likes Chemquest.
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    System Stop on Laserwash 4000

    Never have seen this before on the 4000.It just shut down can't do anything .the Screen says Idle Startup Test..And Diagnostics says System Stop.Any Ideas Thanks
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    Razor vs Laser4000 Water Usage

    Does the Razor use less Water then the LW4000?
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    Lights On Washworld Razor ?

    On the Razor would you reccomend the LED lights package.