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  1. J

    Hydrominder question

    I would have said footvalve....
  2. J

    Washworld Razor HP hose

    You wouldn't believe it! My main hose failed yesterday!!! Hahaha...The hose still looks like brand new but both normal fittings failed. They have been eaten away by the water. I got a new hose now with stainless fittings and the double wrap. We'll see how long it will last.
  3. J

    The most disgusting thing I ever saw in a customer's car was _________________________________________________-

    Middle of the night a guy walks up to 2 of our bollards, holds on to them and poos right in front of our change machine. Then he slips and falls into it. I was laughing when I saw that on camera...but just for 10 seconds. Then I saw him walking from gun to gun trying to clean his hands!!!! My...
  4. J

    Profile top brush belt

    Would anyone have some more photos of how it is attached at the top (motor, wheel, etc.)? Thanks
  5. J

    Profile top brush belt

    I don't believe what I am seeing here! Is that the original design where two bolts go through the belt creating a weak spot? Who designed this BS? Is it at least a belt with steel inside? Wow! I presume the belt broke where the bolts are? This is how Washtec does it. There is a loose bolt...
  6. J

    Razor not Measuring Cars Going all the way to the back

    I've got an older sonar. So the pit cover trick may not work. But my pits are the same size as yours. BTW In the home position I rotated the arch towards the entry so it is out of the way after a high van hit it. I was thinking about it a week earlier that I wanted to do it but he beat me.😖
  7. J

    Razor not Measuring Cars Going all the way to the back

    Give it a go with covering the pit along where the sonar works. It worked for us.
  8. J

    Razor not Measuring Cars Going all the way to the back

    And how about the other passes? Going to the end as well?
  9. J

    Razor not Measuring Cars Going all the way to the back

    I used a plastic wall panel and yes, I don't know why but it works. It won't hurt to give it a try. Also we increased the hole the sonar is looking through.
  10. J

    Razor not Measuring Cars Going all the way to the back

    I had the same problem years ago. The sonar was actually detecting the pit. I placed a plastic board over the pit in the area of where the sonar is and that helped.
  11. J

    Bike wash

    No. I'm in Australia. If you download their brochure they've got prices in Australian Dollars on it. Depending where you want to put it you might need a building, sewer, power, freight, etc. Cheers Justclean
  12. J

    Bike wash

    Hahaha... that's what I thought too. But it's doing well, if we can keep up the numbers when they finally have to pay.😃
  13. J

    Stumped by electrical problem

    I know of a disgruntled electrician who installed a hidden timer in the wall that disconnected power randomly. Fun finding this! :)
  14. J

    Bike wash

    Hi guys, Something new: I just installed a bike wash. :) I'm at the foot of a mountain bike track and giving out free bike washes until the end of the month. So far the uptake has been pretty good. Just need to figure out if it's because its free...:) But people seem to...
  15. J

    Swivels on HP hoses

    Mosmatic swivels (but really expensive)
  16. J

    Washworld Razor HP hose

    In nine years I've replaced the hose three times. The last time 4 years ago. Since then I double wrap the hose with this wrap. The wrap that comes from Washworld turns one way and my local supplier's wrap turns the other way. Yes, it is expensive but it works great. I also make sure when the...
  17. J

    tired of garbage

    She: "....I will NEVER EVER come to this carwash again!!!" Me: " Is that a promise?" ;)
  18. J

    Which cars don't you allow into your brush machine?

    I agree. This makes it very difficult in a 24/7 operation...
  19. J

    Strange issue with Washworld Razor

    Another week and no issues. I can't believe it😃👍
  20. J

    Hit and Run

    Can you just fill it with concrete? :)))