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    Premier Blowers

    Have had it for about 3 years with no issue and it sits outside in the Florida sun and rain.
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    Premier Blowers

    My guess is there is a misprint. I have a Premiere with oscillating center blower and it is mechanically driven. Put a blower extension it and it’s great.
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    Unitec and Gas Station Integration

    I had a Unitec WS2 and the gas station was around 800’ away. It worked fine and I didn’t have to buy anything.
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    Unitec and Gas Station Integration

    I’ve done that. United has an encrypted code system. Call them for details. It codes a ticket and it workers well did not have to buy anything.
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    Bay Staying Powered on???

    Well definitely there is a feedback issue. Most likely it is happening in equip room, as meter boxes are set apart. Check terminal strips in control panel. Make sure any screws on terminal strip are tight. On a wild hunch look in meter boxes for any signs of moisture. Used to be there was a...
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    Warsaw Chems

    Been usuing them for at least a year now and am happy with the usage and show. have a great distributor here in south FL.
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    Anyone try using vandal-resistant locking trash cans?

    I have to teepee style about 3 feet tall. It has rather small holes in the sides. Could lock it easily but no need to here.
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    Water Softener Fiberglass Tank Replacement

    Wee my first thought is that your current softener may be way oversized. It looks like you are softening water for the entire wash. You really only need soft water to mix chemicals and feed the RO and instead of a twin tank, you can downsize to a single tank unit with a metered head. This way...
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    Meter decal input

    Custom decals are always better. Nice job.
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    Rug Beater by Dralco

    Once again the readers here are spot on.
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    Rug Beater by Dralco

    I had a rug beater once and hardly anyone used it, much less paid for it. Could just have been my location. Good news it worked great.
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    Totaled IBA and Insurance

    Not many people know this, but if the frame is bent, you can bend it back. Pretty easily. Put a chain or come along to anchor one side. Keep the chain low. Put a come along on the other side and pull it in opposite direction. It will take a time or two, but keep doing it till all four wheels are...
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    Replacing CryptoPay buttons - how?

    You might try RDM Electronics. They fix a lot of odd stuff.
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    Is 20K enough to get started in the car wash business?

    You Will be facing other issues also. Most banks will not lend for a wash unless the owner has 3 years running one. Being new you will at first have to hire most all service work. This can get costly quick. That could suck any profit away. It will be easy to run it for 2 to 3 years and have no...
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    Floor Coatings

    Interesting no one has disputed this.
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    in bay dryer usage

    In FL the hand helps pay for themselves in under a year. Owners love them.
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    Floor Coatings

    Well here’s some contrary advice. Go to any car dealer and look at the floor, even in shop. They are very clean. I think they look great and make the room pop.
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    Extrutech in IBA

    The good news is you can get some stunning results with it. I Priced out doing some bays and found the install cost high. To do it right I had to use stainless oval head anchors.
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    Jim Coleman Self Serve Pump Stand

    Their pump stands are a joke. Why build anything that is cumbersome to move. With ordinary stands I can move it myself with simple dollies. Not this thing.
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    Why dont Vacuum rates mirror self serve wash rates?

    Always make it easier for your customers to spend their money.