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    Touchless Car Wash Doors

    Any suggestions on good brands of touchless Car Wash Doors. And what price we should expect to pay for 2 doors. I have a quote on a Wayne Dalton TS200 White Flush for $8900??? What other brands are out there? And wait time for this door is almost 4 months?? Thank you!
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    Question on breakdowns. What should I expect when it comes to breakdowns - now I know there are 100 questions that could come back to me- like what equipment do you have, how old , maintenance schedule, who is running it......on and on. But in general if I said I can have 1-3 breakdowns every 2...
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    Need to replace these brushes: CORE/AL PIPE,4-3/4"X24-5/8 BRUSH SECTION/24X48",RED Who makes the best brushes?? Brands? Value? thank you!
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    Rhino Mat Cleaners - yes or no?

    Hello - advice on offering a Rhino Mat Cleaner?? We are planning on buying one and charging $5 to wash your mats (self serve) They are not cheap - plus we do need a cement slab installed, electric, water service to be up and running. Is it worth while in your opinion - does anyone know the...
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    Conveyor advice

    we need a new conveyor at wash--- my present one is working but it is limping along - having to weld it and buy new rollers often - - should I keep welding or should I look to buy the new one now (even though it will be very tough to buy one) any advice will be appreciated on the prices I...
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    conveyor replacement

    Can you recommend the quality conveyor replacements? we are welding ours all too often and are looking at replacing? Suggestions and directions much appreciated. Thank you!
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    Detailing advice

    Hello - my first post - Looking for advice on starting a detail business. We have 2 express tunnel washes and at each wash location room to establish a detail business line - basically already there. Previous owner did - but I guess did not charge enough and found it to be unsuccessful. Yet we...