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    Substance In Foam Brush Hydrominder Tank

    I wanted to run this by some of you to see if by chance any one has ever heard of anything like this. I was notified that my foam brushes were not working at the car wash. I went by and checked off the things I knew to try and was unsuccessful. I contacted my repair person and his findings were...
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    Radiant Floor Heat Needs Anti Freeze Replaced

    I have a 25 year old 4 bay SS wash in the mountains of NC. It was built with a closed loop system that worked perfect when we purchased the property. The last couple winters I have noticed the coverage of the bay has reduced each year. Does anyone have any knowledge how I need to pull the old...
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    Hydro Spray Self Serve Underbody System

    Has anyone purchased and installed one of Hydro Sprays Underbody Systems yet? In our area everyone is constantly trying to keep the calcium chloride salt spray washed from underneath their vehicles. I swear if you get quiet enough you can hear the rust eating away. I would like to know how...
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    Baffled By Bay #4

    I have a standard old style 4 bay car wash.(can be seen on my profile now I think) I am having some issues and need help with a few of these. When #4 is in use water spits out the holding tank overflow tube inside the mechanical room. It does not do it on any of the other three bays. Another...
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    Attempted Stringing In NC

    My wife came to me the other night after servicing the change machines and held up a $10.00 bill then she appeared to drop the bill but it was dangling in mid air. Thats because she was holding the piece of fishing line that was attached to the bill. My heart immediatley sank and I asked "how...