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    Sno-Cone stain

    I have a customer that has a blue sno-cone stain on her light grey leather seats. She has tried Dawn dish soap and use a "light" wipe with a magic eraser. She is having no luck removing the stain. Does anyone have any suggestions that I could pass on to her?
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    Cat 310 not building pressure

    Hello all, Scratching my head about a pressure issue I’ve not seen before. One of my pumps has mysteriously lost pressure. Seals only had about 400 hours when the pump pressure dropped to 1000 pounds from the 1500 we normally run. First thought was a new tip, no change, the pressure regulator...
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    citrus acid in self serve?

    Just curious if anyone runs citrus acid as a pre-soak in self serve bays? We have a customer requesting it and his fleet is sizable enough that we are considering it, but aren't familiar with it on a large / general public use scale. Is it something we don't want everyone having access to...
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    Wash gear Se controllers for sale?

    Does anyone have any used se controllers that are compatible with washgear they want to sell?
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    Truck bay cable system for hp hose

    We have this problem in our truck bay. The previous owner built that bay with a wall mount boom and no hoop in that bay. Large vehicles with stacks or irregular shapes constantly fight the wall mount boom to wash the far side. Was going to install a hoop with a center boom, but began toying...
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    Touch 4 Wash

    Anybody using Touch 4 Wash? If so how do you like it? Is it worth the investment and monthly fees? I'm very curious about the benefits of the loyalty program and the smartphone app.
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    What are you guys charging? Per Minute, Per 1/2 hour?
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    Home Built Pit Bucket

    We thought someone here might find this useful. We built this bucket for our tractor so we can scoop out our pits without renting equipment. It works fairly well after some practice and with our tractor required about 1000 pound counterweight on the 3 point to keep the rear wheels on the...
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    Wash Gear compatability with other cc equipment

    Hello All, Some of you may remember, we purchased an existing wash almost 2 years ago. All is well and we underwent a major project last summer of moving the office to an external building. This summer's project will be to make a change to one of the bays which currently only accepts credit...
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    Customer Loyalty systems

    Hello all, We have been on this site for a while, mostly observing the conversations and looking for ideas / tips about the business. We recently completed our first year of operation in late September for a 4 bay ss wash & RV park that we purchased. We've had a successfull first year and have...
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    Newbie Here, with pre-mix question

    Hello all ! My wife and I have been Lurking on this forum for a bit and it has been very helpful so far. We are not only new to the forum, but soon to be new to us car wash owners. We are in the final stages of purchasing the wash just a block from our house with 4 self service bays, one of...