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    Unitec power supplies

    Just putting here for future reference. Love my wash selects but now with call ahead tech support appointment tech support I pretty much feel I'm on my own to figure out the problem, (along with the help of the folks here anyway). I had a problem last week I was trying to figure out and the...
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    Looking for IBA bug applicator ideas

    I'm looking to possibly add a bug applicator to my IBA for the front bumper/grill and was wondering if any of you have added and what floor mounted hardware/nozzle setup have you used? I was thinking about connecting to my undercarriage output. That way the higher level washes would get bug...
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    Wash Select II how to videos.

    I've had really good luck with My Wash Select IIs over the past 19 years. One of the things I like about them is built-in ability in every WSII to generate discount and fleet codes, or use the VIP cards if you're using the default swipes. The standard machines I believe have a max of 100...
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    T handle security enhancements

    Well, we are finely are getting some smarter, more experienced thieves in our areas. My Coleman vaults with Medeco T handle locks were defeated quite quickly by some thieves. The vaults are recessed. Without getting into details I need to block the keyway with a hockey puck lock or similar...
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    Dilling & Harris SS stand questions

    Hey guys, I just installed some new meter doors made by Etowah Valley on a 2000 Vintage D&H pump stand that formally had Millineum push button doors . My tire cleaner was not foaming. I got to poking around and it looks like the TC air is tied into the timed output so that any time the timer is...
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    Manager/Tech wanted in central Alabama

    I have three pretty nice SS/IBAs in good areas of Central Alabama and am looking forward to retirement in a few years. I'm looking for a person to run the day to day operations of the car washes. The ideal candidate would have basic bookkeeping skills, customer service experience, and experience...
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    Where can I find this container?

    This is a 15 gallon open top container with lids. Can’t tell you how many of these I’ve thrown away over the years but I need about three of them. I know turtle wax used to use them, but I’m having trouble finding them. Anyone know where to locate?
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    Anyone want back issues of SSCWN?

    Hi Guys, I'm moving soon to a much smaller house and its time to do some serious clean out. I've got a ton of back issues of SSCWN from the mid 90s to some not so long ago. Is anyone interested in these?
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    Stringers successful with MEI

    Just a head's up: After many years of having no issues with stringers I've been hit. This is with the latest software (3.61) and the validator set to high security. These particular guys are also smart enough not to completely drain your changer. They came back two days ago and only got...
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    Best MxM Check valve?

    Istobal uses brass check valves on their system and are not holding up to chemicals very well. I'm looking for a good 1/4" MxM check valve with a viton or teflon O-ring. I need to buy a bunch of them (like 25 or so) so I thought I would ask here first for recommendations. Are the Adams maxi...
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    PDQ 4000 still a good machine?

    Hey Guys, I'm closing on a 4/2 that's been shut down several years. They have two PDQ 4000s with virtual treadles, gatlin gunners, and stand alone dryer stands. I really hadn't planned on starting them back up, but thought I would ask what the general consensus is. I have zero experience with...
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    Oasis I5 feedback anyone?

    I think I've narrowed my soft cloth purchases down to Istobal, WW profile, or possibly an Oasis I5. I want to watch a washworld operate somewhere, but throughput is important to me, so I may need a five brush unit. Istobal Flex 5 is nice but concerns me a little as I'm a bit of a tweaker and...
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    Car wash superstore "prime shipping" type deal expires 05/15

    I haven't bought from car wash superstore in a while but gotta admit it's tempting to try this. $99 gets free ground shipping for one year. Their vending prices are pretty competitive with KR. Some other things are higher but the free shipping would offset it somewhat. It would be nice to...
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    Goulds Pump-to rebuild or not?

    Hi Guys, I've got a Goulds ST pump on a Carolina Pride SS pump stand that has started leaking. When I called Carolina pride the parts manager discouraged me from installing a replacement seal kit, saying customers have had issues installing it and the pump working properly. I'll admit I don't...
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    What do you guys think of my new ACW menu?

    I've been thinking about doing this for others if you guys are interested, reasonable rates too. If interested PM me.
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    The "Tools I love" thread

    I thought I would start a thread for techs that have found a tool really helpful for car wash work. Here's my first nomination: Japanese made cable tie cutters...
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    Looking for a system to remotely control some devices at my wash

    Hey guys, I'm interested in setting up a simple system (as in "plug and play") to control some things at my wash. I want to reboot my wash select, and activate a dry contact to both reset my auto, and give a free wash. The simplest idea I can come up with is to use the samsung smart things...
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    Anyone researched Burglar Alarms lately?

    Hi Guys, I got careless and let my guard down with security. I paid the price. I got hit hard last week, to the tune of 3K. Thieves got in and found my keys and had a field day. On top of that they've been back twice and got more, (much less) amounts. They're pretty ballsy. This past Sunday they...
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    Any operators with the Wings options on their autos?

    I'm considering offering the wings package to speed up the IBA process but I haven't heard much about it. Does anyone have it, and what are your thoughts? $2995 seems kinda pricey for essentially three rinse arches and a HP valve, but hey those guys at Coleman gotta eat too, amiright? Any...
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    Any value in an old PDQ 4000?

    Hey guys, I'm considering purchasing a car wash that is shut down and it has two old lasers, probably around 2002-2004 mfg date. They have blowers, trifoam, and gatlin gunners. The wash shut down around two years ago. I know NOTHING about PDQ lasers as inverted Ls are not popular at all in the...