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  1. Eric H

    Rowe bucket error

    This is a BC-1400???? Middle hopper should be $1, and one side $5 and the other $10. $20 pays the $10 escrow bucket twice. You may have a programming issue but let us stay focused on your current $1 escrow bucket issue
  2. Eric H

    Rowe bucket error

    Sorry, my response at 4:30am misstated “eliminates the hoppers” should read “modified the escrow buckets”. In any case we aren’t helping the OP at this second response was simply to inform the OP that I couldn’t help him any further because I’ve forgotten more that remember at my...
  3. Eric H

    Rowe bucket error

    I modified my Rowe changers to the Etowah Valley Mars kit a long time ago. The kit eliminates the hoppers. its been so long I don't remember much about repairing the original machine. Sorry i can't be anymore of a help
  4. Eric H

    Rowe bucket error Go to page 4-48
  5. Eric H

    The 2021 Car Wash Show - Las Vegas vs. The 2022 Car Wash Show - Nashville

    The ICA show is usually in the late spring. I don’t think many people even realize that the ICA are holding a show in November, so I’m not surprised there is low interest. I hate going to Las Vegas. I don’t gamble so it limits what I do. Coupled with the long flight from the east coast makes...
  6. Eric H

    Am I thinking too much into it

    How long until you can retire on the extra $$ you'll make by manipulating people into walking 10'? Customers do notice little things like this and know/think that you are manipulating/tricking them into spending more money. I built a wash in 2004 that had the wand on the opposite side of the...
  7. Eric H

    Wall anchors for floor mat clamps

    Judging by the size of the hole, It looks like they were originally installed with lag shield anchors and a lag bolt . This is a perfectly acceptable way to anchor the mat hangers. I would suggest a stainless steel lag bolt. You can probably get the SS lag bolt from if Lowe’s...
  8. Eric H

    Proper Gauge wire for 3 motor vacs

    Do NOT use a 30 amp breaker with 12 ga wire. You’ll have no protection at all. Ideally, you would pull new 10ga. what size conduit do you have? How many vacs does each conduit serve?
  9. Eric H

    Metal pipe

  10. Eric H


    I haven’t used it in a HDPE type material but RV Proflex is my go to caulk for both sealing and adhesive. I’d also consider 3M UV 4000
  11. Eric H

    Has anyone ever found a need to use a shielded cable prox switch rather than a unshielded prox swt?

    There were requirements for shielded cable for somethings on my WW Razors. My electrician used shielded cable in some areas that did not specify. I asked him about it and he said it easier to install the shielded cable vs trying to track down an interference issue later. Some of my electrical...
  12. Eric H

    Custom Thru-The-Wall Meter box ?

    Etowah valley should be able to make what you want. The lead time might be quite a while.
  13. Eric H

    Peeling Paint in the Bays

    Unfortunately, covering in plastic is your best long term solution. I agree with MJ that the areas over 8’ stay pretty clean. I installed a stripe 10’ from the floor so that I wouldn’t have to replace entire 15’ panels. If covering an entire wall isn’t an option, I’d recommend going 8’ and...
  14. Eric H

    eCatcher for Washworld - For those who use Apple phones

    Can WW log into the machine?
  15. Eric H

    eCatcher for Washworld - For those who use Apple phones

    Unfortunately, I’m inclined to agree with them. There is only so much they can do on their end. If I have computer issues I have to rely on someone else. I have a pretty wide skill set range but computers are outside of my wheelhouse. It’s time for you to call a local person that understands...
  16. Eric H

    Unitec power supplies

    What about operators that purchased $80,000 worth of Unitec equipment based on Unitec’s previous on-call support at no additional charge? I presumed that I paid a premium upfront for “free” support.
  17. Eric H

    presoak thru tri foam gun

    How do you plan to keep the presoak gun from freezing? Are you concerned about the additional water use?
  18. Eric H

    presoak thru tri foam gun

    are you located south enough to not have to run weep in winter?
  19. Eric H

    IDX MA800

    Yes! "I put in 4 dollar coins and it read them as quarters" The door also likes to open and steal money all day while I'm not there. At least the MA800's would jam and not allow 20 people to lose money.
  20. Eric H

    Highest post count

    You wanna fight? I’ve got enough rage to go for a week