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    How come you guys haven’t told me about this? I never look forward to building network cables. Until now. These pass-through RJ45 plugs almost make it fun, with little chance of a miswire or short. I‘m not affiliated with Klein Tools...just a...
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    Colorado blizzard - Not quite a record

    Official Colorado snow depth measuring device(s). The all time record at my house is 2 Six Packs
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    Yikes! Lady carjacked at metro Denver IBA!
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    Quin-Cip-D vs. Royal Purple Synfilm Recip. 100

    Discuss, review, remark, recommend
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    Grass stains on baseball pants???
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    I didn't do it!!!

    Over the last four years I’ve watched as an old, ramshackle motel near my home: 1. Got graffitied 2. Closed 3. Reopened 4. Closed again 5. Fenced off 6. Rehab started…new windows, doors and paint 7. Rehab stalled 8. Graffitied, again 9. Rehab restarted, again 10. New bathroom fixtures 11...
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    Uh, oh!

    While tinkering at my workbench yesterday morning, I couldn’t help but notice on the surveillance monitor, a car entering bay 5. The female operator spends several moments looking at the meter box and signage. I continued to watch as she deposited several coins. Rejected…every time. “Uh...
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    Those darn Broncos

    During the NFL regular season, my car wash might as well be closed at noon on game days (make that 10:00am when the team plays the early games). It’s similar to rush hour when thousands of bumper-to-bumper cars pass by and nobody’s turning in. It’s as if they don’t want to lose their place in...
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    Looking for a low cost Temperature Control Switch?

    Looking for a low cost Temperature Control Switch? I bought a few of these: They’re well-constructed and amazingly accurate. They can be used for heating or cooling with Differential setting of up...
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    Honeywell ignition module has me baffled

    The Raypak water heating boiler maintains 110*F 24/7/365. The facility enjoys no significant business during the night time hours. And, during inclement weather…bleh. So, I installed a PLR that turns off the boiler circulator whenever all bays are idle for more than 10 minutes. The boiler...
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    Advances in internet tracking advertising

    Ya know how when you visit a website, that company’s advertisements show up on other websites that you visit? For example: If I look at Kleen-rite’s website, I get Kleen-rite advertising on most of the news sites that I visit. If I look at golf clubs on Taylormade’s website, I get Taylormade...
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    "Your machine took my money!"

    During yesterday’s golf game, I received five phone calls from customers reporting that a changer had stolen their $5 bill. One lady called twice…after she saw another customer get change from the machine that just stole her money, she tried again…only to have that $5 bill stolen, too...
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    Washing Monsters???

    I see there’s an AutoCareForum banner ad promoting Kleen-rite’s Monster Soap Sale… which leads me to ask a few questions: 1. First cars and trucks, then dog washes and now… monster washes? 2. Is monster soap effective on sea monsters or is it limited to land-based monsters only? 3. When they...
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    Bring your wash into the 21st century for only $3.99
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    Just when I was wondering what I was gonna do yesterday…

    …the new Grainger catalog showed up in the mail. Some random thoughts after spending four hours flipping through the Grainger catalog pages: I'll bet the postman is glad that I’m the only one on his route that gets the Grainger catalog. The Grainger catalog is now three times larger than the...
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    I was wrong (choke choke gag cough cough)

    In another thread I mentioned that nobody washes their cars when it gets below 20*F.'s 3*F at 2:45pm and my second customer of the day just left.
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    Anybody have a ModCon boiler?

    I'm preparing for the end-of-life of my 35 year old home heating boiler. ModCon boilers seem to be the "hot ticket" these days but I'm curious about their reliability. My understanding is the annual maintenance and service parts can really eat up the fuel cost savings. This could be a real...
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    Just so you know…

    When you lose a leg at the car wash And, you are the only business in the area with 3-phase power… Other businesses don’t call the power company to report the outage... When you call the power company, they always say it will be at least four hours before they can have a crew on site… And, so...
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    Stage 2 drought declared.

    Oh brother…here we go again! Residential customers will be limited to 2 days a week lawn watering. Car washing in the driveway will be prohibited. Yea!!! You’d think…Well,… Last drought declaration was Stage 1. Citizens and businesses followed the rules under threat of fines…And, saved so...
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    Gun control

    I’ve been spending a bit more time on the property doing some spring cleaning and taking care of the deferred maintenance. I’ve met a few new customers…in the first place, that’s surprising because I’ve been operated the place for 20 years. But then, I suppose people move to the market area...