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    Has anyone ever found a need to use a shielded cable prox switch rather than a unshielded prox swt?

    Do the cables run along with others, (particularly high voltage) in the same conduit or tray? If not I'd try unshielded.
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    Push-in connector replacement

    I like to use plastic also. The brass/nickel plated one will eventually give you problems on corrosive products
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    Peeling Paint in the Bays

    I had my best luck in the past with latex. Maybe since it is water based it just works better with moisture while drying? Just a guess.
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    Issue with window cleaning

    Not a pro but the only way I can get streak free windows consistently is using a multi towel method that uses one towel to clean, and a second towel to buff the glass. I wash microfibers with Tide free and gentle or all free and clear detergents.
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    Unitec power supplies

    Just putting here for future reference. Love my wash selects but now with call ahead tech support appointment tech support I pretty much feel I'm on my own to figure out the problem, (along with the help of the folks here anyway). I had a problem last week I was trying to figure out and the...
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    Black Jack vending sponge

    Both locations the changer is right there.
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    Hydrominder tips and which ones should be used.

    One of the things you need to do is establish your hydrominders are operating properly. I would replace all diaphragms and clean the inlet screens. Make sure all your foot valves are working properly and your chemical and discharge tubes have not gotten hard and allowing air to get in. Also...
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    Recommended Brands for Self Serve Equipment

    I've got a twenty year old carolina pride unit. Its good to go. I don't particularity care for their recirculating hot presoak system but I could see it being a nice marketing idea up North. I set my presoak pump up with a IDX controller so that it only runs when a timed output is on.
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    Black Jack vending sponge

    I recently checked at one wash. It's a coleman mechanical that I think has seven vendors. Vending gross revenue in July was a whopping $90, Less than .1% of site revenue. My other wash has a max vend and vending sales are no better from a percentage of revenue standpoint. I just purchased a...
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    FDryer pros

    I think dryer pros has closed shop
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    Done with Eports!

    I prefer being upfront woth my customers and allow them to see how much money they are spending. I think customers get a littler paranoid when they don't see it. I changed form count up in time to $ spent and my average ticket has risen.
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    November Car Wash Show - Value for Newbies?

    Is Kleen Rite doing an expo this year? If so, that may be worthwhile.
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    Most Efficient Hot Water System (IBA + SS)

    If you have a hot water storage tank on your pumping unit you can might can use the current setup by recirculating in that tank. I prefer a good old fashioned tank water heater. They will often last 15-20 years with no real issues You can get a 100Gallon 199K BTU for around $3500. But there...
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    replacement bill counter

    I just spent 1K refurbishing my 4098 through our local Cummins Allison dealer. The rubber rollers had gotten gooey and I told the repairman to go through it thoroughly. I originally bought the unit on ebay maybe five years ago for around $1500. Hope it works for a few more years. It's a huge...
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    Cryptopay/IQ worldpay chargeback dispute

    I'm getting two or three peer Month. I toss them.
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    Menu sign

    Are you using a drying aid? The cars are gonna be wet on the $8 wash. maybe you include platinum but not list it On my Istobal friction: $8- wash(neutral shampoo) rinse, platinum, SFR, dry $12-undercarriage, presoak/tire cleaner, lo ph tri color, wash, rinse, platinum, SFR,dry $16 is my ceramic...
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    Motion sensor or something else?

    How about tapping into the "wash in use" circuit that goes to the cashier?
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    Warsaw Chems

    I've used the finisher. It's more alkaline than wonder plus but not as much alkalinity as I run with my boosted setup. I recommend operators try it t before they go to the hassle of boosting. Not everyone needs a ton of alkalinity, it just depends on local conditions. But oh yes, hotshot will...
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    Building a Dbl IBA (materials)

    Have you priced a modular setup from genesis?
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    Warsaw Chems

    Hot Shot is (or was) a 50/50 mixture of sodium hydroxide and potassium hydroxide. I used wonder plus with hotshot for years. I did really like their weathershield drying aid. I used 530TCF for tri color, their standard weathershield wasn't up to snuff though and I started wandering around...