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    IDX MA800

    Ive checked the error codes online, according to this there is no error code that corresponds with what mine is doing. I went to reprogram this, it was working before hand, now its giving me trouble. In my 0 position after setting up a new token, it just flashes red and green, pretty fast...
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    Guy says 1000psi stripped his paint

    Guy calls me tells me his paint was stripped by my cat 430.... max psi 1000. says he’s gonna sue me if I don’t pay. 90% chance hes Full of shit but he sounded like he really believed it was My fault. Anywho... should I pay for it? From my understanding no way paint bonded correctly would strip...
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    Timer shutting off at 1 min

    I thought it was maybe my gin San timer in the room causing the error but I put a new one on and nothing thought maybe it was shorting when the 30 second alarm was going on but not that either I presume it’s the timer in the bay itself? Any trouble shooting ideas for a newbie
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    My new kip manifolds/solenoids are leaking

    Wondering what is causing this. I put in brand new 4 block and 3 block manifolds with the new solenoids for my foam brush. All brand new one bay is still leaking. I presume the solenoid is not closing completely? Slow-ish leak. maybe too much pressure? I’m not sure why brand new one would not...
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    Pump Racks/ stands

    My set up was designed in 1963. I have the new pumps and motors but can’t find anywhere to buy the stands alone without the pumps etc etc. Specifically looking for a 3 long 2 high stand option. I have seen a few online in pictures. Would save me a lot of room stacking my 6.
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    Razor edge vs Xr7

    I’m in a lower/middle class area and outright cost the XR7 will be cheaper but long run am I missing out on the Edge? I can obtain that machine for only roughly 20k more. My thoughts in so far choosing XR7 is based on my clientele/ demographic. They are wanting an affordable product that gives...
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    How has everyone faired vs tunnel?

    There is a corporate tunnel wash coming into my city and I am curious if anyone has any insight into how they still fair vs the subscription tunnel car wash down the street. Small loss? Big loss?
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    Simoniz "Correct" Soap

    Anyone using this soap? I am not very happy with it. I was using Kim Supply in Kansas City for my soap but they went out of business and are now Kleen Rite. Kleen Rite recommended me this soap but I've had some complaint from my customers. Im only 3 years into the business and would appreciate...
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    Friction Or Touchless In Bay Auto??

    I am currently a 6 bay self serve and I am wanting to add a friction or touchless. The guy down the street and my only competitor currently has actually an 8 bay self serve and one in bay automatic touch free from the 80's. I feel like whichever way I go ill have a better looking and working...
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    Adding Automatic to 6 Bay self serve

    Im very new to the car wash business I only have about 2 years under my belt. I currently own 2 locations and Im wanting to stay competitive with the area and add an automatic bay to them. What I've been looking at is the touch free Razor and the Laser wash. Looking for any tips, help, ideas for...