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    Wall pack advice

    6000K will shift to the blue side. 5000K will be whitest, 4100 will be a little warmer/yellow.
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    Tire Cleaner not Foaming

    If an air regulator is installed backwards it will relieve pressure as it tries to regulate it. Could you have installed the new one wrong?
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    Wall pack advice

    They are for sure, I bought a 60W one from Sam's to mount on a side wall and and it's way brighter than I expected. FWIW I put two 60W LED ceiling fixtures per bay and it's almost as bright as the 320W metal halide Scottsdales were when they were new. The one at the rear of the bay is a...
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    Strange issue with Washworld Razor

    I had the same problem with a Belanger Vector. Once the carriage gearbox got worn, the pressure would push the machine down the rails a bit when it was supposed to be stopped, and for some brilliant reason the prox isn't active when the carriage isn't supposed to be moving so it doesn't "know"...
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    Looking to Move/Invest in a Business

    Since you started this thread, it's definitely best that you posted an update in it.
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    Self serve clogged nozzles

    It's Goodyear Neptune 3000 hose, definitely for water.
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    Have any of you used this brand before?

    It's actually a Chinese made machine. It appears to be all steel. It may look sleek, but it's a design from over 40 years ago.
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    Self serve clogged nozzles

    That's actually more likely what's happening than what I said. I don't think it would happen on mine because the solenoids are so small, but if OP's solenoids are large orifice they would pass debris right through.
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    Need replacement of my burnt Carwash

    Do you have any real experience in this industry? This is a place for people to ask advice from professionals, not so much to get it from people who have read the literature, or who like to ride through car washes with their mom to post videos on YouTube.
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    Self serve clogged nozzles

    I never have nozzles clog. There's something coming apart that's getting in your tips. It's either in the water or coming from the tank. You'll just have to find it.
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    That's how it used to work, the order is insured by the shipper and if it's confirmed lost they get paid for its full retail value and either refund the customer or replace the items in a new shipment.
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    Power-Shine Pro Powered by Simoniz

    Where and how does it "show up?"
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    Switching from cash to Exacta Payment system

    You got some replies in your thread from two years ago:
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    Futura stripes

    Nickel-impregnated tape will help prevent the threads galling.
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    Futura stripes

    If the old timer is a Dixmor, send it to them and they'll repair the display for a reasonable price. Doesn't the machine take the flat disk spray tips?
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    Futura stripes

    I know a half dozen people who use either autocomplete or voice-to-text and just send whatever it pulls up. I don't get it.
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    Question about relays for Air Shamee motors

    I'd go with this one:
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    Question about relays for Air Shamee motors

    Most likely because it was cheaper. I can get those Omron relays for $6 each. A good DP relay is more like $40. When you run 240v, you're supposed to break both legs, so technically they're doing it wrong. You need a heavy contactor because the inrush current is 60-80 amps.
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    Question about relays for Air Shamee motors

    That will definitely work. What is the voltage to them? 120v? 240v? 3 phase?
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    Mesh strainers are kicking my fanny

    You might try the next bigger size. I've used those forever and they screw easily over a pipe nipple or slip over a hose barb.