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  1. soapy

    Self serve clogged nozzles

    Sounds like it could be the impellers off a lower presuure pump like a spot free repressure pump or similar.
  2. soapy

    Ring-O-Matic 1000T

    I would think the bottom of the box could be lined with plastic board like farm tech sells. 3/8 or 1/2 inch would work I think.
  3. soapy

    Pay oof

    Last week I arrived at a wash and found a guy in his car sleeping in one of the SS bays. I pulled out my phone and took pictures of the front and back of his car with him sleeping in it. Then I went up and pounded on the window surprising him and waking him up. It took him a while to find his...
  4. soapy

    Best Pit Cleaner

    I used a ringomatic vacuum machine for 25 years and it did a good job. It is very handy on the small pits. Now that I have a tractor with pit bucket I would never go back. The ringomatic would not pick up the heavy black sind I get and it would tend to build up over time requiring we use a...
  5. soapy


    Prescrub buckets for 27 years. I think I was one of the first to do it. I use a WHeel wizard nylon brush which is about a 4 inch wide. I might loose 3 a year due to theft. I put a sign out that say to use on windshields and tire and wheels. I post do not use on paint just to keep a few folks...
  6. soapy


    I provide free prescrub buckets in front of my touchless IBAs. I would say half of the people who use the prescrub buckets just use it on the eyebrow area.
  7. soapy

    Tips on painting the awning / fascia

    I have fabric awnings with backlit lights. It still looks great after 20 years but the key is I pay the sign company to clean and treat them with UV protectant every year. Sherwin will stand behind their product if you follow their instructions. I would clean the metal well and then scuff it...
  8. soapy

    Mechanical to Electronic Coin Mech Conversion

    The ones I bought years ago were 24 volt. I got them from a local elecrical supply outlet.
  9. soapy

    Mechanical to Electronic Coin Mech Conversion

    A token programable coin mech will handle most tokens. I use Secure COin and Parker slug buster 3s. A simple door bell transformer for the 24 volts have worked for years in my vacuum applications. I like the secure coin mechs because they have both a 24v and a 120v output.
  10. soapy

    SBA Loan Forgiveness

    Everyone who collected unemployment, no one here I bet, will get to deduct 10,200 of it from income and not pay fed taxes on it. That is providing they did not make over 150,000. If they have already paid their taxes the government has set up a way to send out refund checks to all the...
  11. soapy

    Can I swap out Blendco soaps and use Kleenrite instead?

    If you know which products to get from Kleenrite they work every bit as well as Blendco. They are not the cheap ones that most people buy but they will still save you 2/3 rds compared to Blendco..
  12. soapy

    Option to buy our lease

    A car wash on leased ground is generally not worth any thing if the lease is less than 10 years. I would pick up the property now
  13. soapy

    Rules to be followed

    I invited them to come back during off hours when bucket washing is allowed. Say between 9 pm and 6 am. If they start to argue I pull out my phone and get a picture of them, the car and license plate. Then I don't argue just let them know I am calling the police. Having their pictures usually...
  14. soapy

    Ryko Signature Series

    Sounds like you might have some algea clogging the intake. On the front of the system you have the air side with a pressure gauge and the liquid side with a pressure gauge. YOu should run the pressure side higher than the air side. I would start with liquid side being about 20 psi higher and...
  15. soapy

    Looking for a car wash that has a....

    I have 2 washes that my city required from a 5 to 30 foot wide strip of grass along with trees to be planted around the edges of property. I bought Honda lawn mowers 25 years ago and cut all the grass myself since I was not going to the $50 to $100 per week fee that a landscaper charges to mow...
  16. soapy

    Who’s installing Ceramic Coatings?

    I found a guy on you tube Scott HD who does a pretty good job of test all the different ceramic coating from the pro stuff to the basic spray on stuff. He puts many examples on car hood and tests the hoods monthly and shows which ones actually hold up best. It is worth checking out his videos...
  17. soapy

    Pit-y the fool

    EPA has ruled that it is not hazardous when dried. They use a paint filter test. If it were me starting out I would get a Handiclam, which is a clam shell shovel that makes digging pits much easier. I would just do a few scoops each day and keep the pits managalbe. You can put the wet dirt on...
  18. soapy

    Where are you located and what is your start-up price/minutes?

    Idaho $3 for 3 and 1/2 minutes in the bays, $1 4minutes vacs.
  19. soapy

    Courtesy Towel Station & other free offer ideas

    MY prescrub buckets are 15 gallon chemical barrels that I cut the top off. If you use a grit guard in the bottom of the buckets that will keep accumulated grit off the brush between bucket fills. I use wheel wizard brushes and I brand the handle and brush with my wash name so I loose very few...
  20. soapy

    Courtesy Towel Station & other free offer ideas

    I have been doing the free towels for 27 years with good luck. I use stainless steel bins I had custom made for the dry and wet towel collection. Big investment up front but always looks new. I started with Sams club towels and now switched over to the cheap .31 cent microfiber towels from...