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    Wash Card

    I have WashCard and in the beginning when I bought my wash I had some issues and they always came through. I've just started having issues with one bay accepting CC's but just haven't contacted them yet ( vacationing ). It's a strange issue I've never experienced before and not really sure...
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    Meter Boxes for dummies thread

    WashCard makes the BayStation coin box.
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    Looking to Move/Invest in a Business

    Look at the financials. Find out from the town/city/county how many, if any new washes are going though the process of being permitted/built.
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    Poke holes in this Touchless wash pkg

    Maybe make the useless foam pass another pass of PS and shoot it out of the foamers? I've heard of a few guys doing this and have been considering trying it
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    New autocashier

    Great ! Beyond expectations this early on. Volume is up. Gross is up. Balance in the account is growing faster than ever. Wish I would’ve done it years ago.
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    New autocashier

    Late reply but I have 2 in my IBA site and running monthly subscriptions and I have another 2 coming for my tunnel. They've been in about 2 months now and I have nothing but good things to report. EASY for the customers to use. Very easy for the upsell to month subscriptions from the teller...
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    Air Shammee vs Air Shammee II

    Are you saying the install was time consuming?
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    Portal TI or Replacement

    Yes. Have 2 installed and running at my IBA site and 2 more coming to my EE. The bill recycler is NICE! I would say my only complaint is the initial stocking of $1 and $5's. It holds 55 of each and you hav to feed them into the acceptor one by one. Once it's full that's it. I believe it'll...
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    Portal TI or Replacement

    Sure. The first thing that drew me to them was the unit itself. I felt that aesthetically it was a nicer looking unit that the others. I felt the exterior was built strong while maintaining a nice looking appearance. The 22" touch screen is stunning. Adjustable base/height. From a...
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    What would you do?

    Exactly what I was thinking before I scrolled down to your comment.
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    Portal TI or Replacement

    Take a look at Dencar. I just installed 2 of them and am ready to install 2 more. Constructed incredibly and great looking. Awesome guys to deal with. Customers love the simplicity of it.
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    Wash Select II - Portable Printer?

    Contact RDM electronics. They have rebuilt printers.
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    Getting some touch free ideas

    In my honest opinion, from the standpoint of how it's built, you can't even compare any other machine to the Petit. Literally everything on it is stainless. I financed mine through Bill Baker @ Coastal Credit. Got approved in a day @ 4% interest.
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    Getting some touch free ideas

    Both. I've had many 15 car hours. My Radius' top wash was over 7 mins so it was never possible.
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    Getting some touch free ideas

    I just installed my first of 2 I plan on installing. I love it. Customers love it. Increased my prices 20% and I'm washing 2x the cars as I did previously. Best decision I've made
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    Best Pit Cleaner

    I have a Ring ) Matic clamb shell I feel is pretty easy. After seeing what the Crust Buster is and imagining that coupled with a factor style machine, I'm starting to rethink. What does everyone feel is the easiest and fastest method? Has anyone ever had/done both ?
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    Unitec Was Select II

    Wow. That sounds advanced. Having had 2 of them, how are they penetrating the door and what do you think they triggered on the inside to drop the coins? Do you have them on video doing this?
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    1st timer looking to build a 2-4 bay touch-less car wash in Southern California.

    I think you've misunderstood him. He's looking to built a multi-bay IBA site.
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    Petit Wash Package

    My touchelss counts have doubled since I’ve put in my Petit. I also increased my prices nearly 25% across the board. I won’t attribute it all to just the machine as I’ve noticed an overall big increase in business on my site but the Petit has been busy and I just told my distributor to put the...