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    I need your OPINION!

    Quick question off record are there any tunnels or free vacs near you ?
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    Message Board

    Here is a different windmaster insert I done at my ghetto carwash on some improvements I have done to get customers aware
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    POS, again

    Jim's @ etowahs valleys low pressure system is way nicer unit wall mount for about the same price and I bet way more complete package reels of hose, fittings, you can specify stainless valves ect (Maybe it's just me but i would think a Carwash Distributor would know where to buy some good...
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    Shampoo spot removers, brands.

    I just recently tried the kleenrite brand last week and it has no smell what so ever very disappointed vs the red label fragramatics brand spot remover.
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    "There is green fluid coming out under your door" 2nd time

    I don’t know why Jim @ etowah put those stupid Demas on some of them if you don’t specify a hydrominder. I have replaced one with hydrominder myself due to the dilution ratio is such a gap in between tip sizes alone. I would definitely install a PRV valve on the main line and adjust to 60psi to...
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    Rules to be followed

    One question what kind of demographics is your wash and the reason I ask. I have a wash in a not so perfect neighborhood and I renovated it brought it up to date it's nice but if I went over there bulldoging all the bucket washers one of 2 things would happen I would loose 45% of the business or...
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    Rules to be followed

    Raise the price to eliminate is a great least you will get paid more for the bs and letting them tie up your bay
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    Any Self Service Bay Equipment For Sale

    Rinse HP soap HP wax Tire cleaner Presoak Brush Then another tank for winter brush You could always make it a 8 position or 10 position meterboxes depending on how you wire how many rinse cycles and if you want to put a jumper between presoak and bug remover. This does not come with...
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    Any Self Service Bay Equipment For Sale

    I got a southern pride pumpstand 5 bay stainless steel was working 3 years ago very nice not hacked up clean control panel. Could use new pumps or seal kits I am sure from sitting have been debating on selling or not. I am in NC.
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    Laserwash 360+ in built dryers

    Change the Tips on the spray arches and check volume metrics on waxes make sure there pulling enough chemicals onto the car and belt tightness on the dryers could make a difference. Also check the primary water quality hardness could have changed and having a effect
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    Major Safe - Removable Dial Help

    Send picture I have plenty or some that will fit. My cell is 919-724-2130
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    Changing Vacuum bags

    A picture is worth 1000 words 2 pictures will tell us everything you may have the vacs with 2 doors and cut zip ties that hold the bags or 1 single door and you have to remove dome like mentioned above
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    Which Self Serve Equipment is the Best ?

    Your pumpstand is good. Just needs to be cleaned up and everything tighty up and make sure it's all working. Unless you want to buy a new one if you have your heart set on it. Carolina pride makes super nice ss equipment and the others as follows in order national pride, etowah valley, Ginsan...
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    Which Self Serve Equipment is the Best ?

    Post a picture we won't laugh we will tell you the honest truth weither is savagable or not how many bays do you have ?
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    Which Self Serve Equipment is the Best ?

    Just curious what was or is the Brand of equipment you had of the pumpstand ?
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    Employee giving time on Meters??????

    who sells a bay washdown key switch without adding credit cards i like the idea but seems a bit overkill
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    Employee giving time on Meters??????

    Dammm that's on another level thank you
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    Employee giving time on Meters??????

    Dan I didn't know this thank you sir
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    Employee giving time on Meters??????

    Hello guys I have seen other people struggle with this issue across the industry and I may or may not have this problem but deep down inside I think he is giving time away to freinds, family, hot girls ECT and getting reimbursed for it on my dime... I have told my clean up guy if he is caught he...