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  1. J

    New autocashier

    had a new Hamilton Commander installed last week and so far I really like it
  2. J

    D&S i5000 for sale with cashier and dryers

    The cashier and the dryers have been sold. The i5000 is still in use and available. extra gantry, extra cat 3535, extra computer, and lots of small parts. Asking $15,000
  3. J

    Hamilton Commander

    Anyone out there using the new Commander by Hamilton? If so, what do you like or dislike?
  4. J

    Oasis XP the good, the bad, and the ugly

    I would like that, I will PM you my number and we will set that up. Thanks
  5. J

    D&S i5000 for sale with cashier and dryers

    I have a D&S i5000 automatic Carwash for sale. I also have a Standard Guardian cashier and stand alone dryers to go with it. It is currently in use. I’m doing a complete upgrade. send me a PM and I would be happy to send picture. I also have a ton of spare parts.
  6. J

    Oasis XP the good, the bad, and the ugly

    I’m looking at upgrades and the oasis xp is on my short list. I don’t know anyone who actually owns one and while I like what I see in videos I would like real world opinions. If you are an owner of a fairly new oasis xp then I would like to hear from you. What’s good, what’s bad, ease of...
  7. J

    D and s iq 2.0 vs oasis xp

    Hey dirks99, I was wondering which you chose, why you chose it, and how you like it. I am thinking about a new IBA and those are my two choices. I own 2 D&S machines and their support is poor at best but the machines are pretty simple. Easy repairs and finding parts local is important to me...
  8. J

    Bought from a local guy, I have 16 cameras And a new DVR that will process 2K cameras. It makes...

    Bought from a local guy, I have 16 cameras And a new DVR that will process 2K cameras. It makes a huge difference. My old system was worthless. Now I can read tag numbers and that creates a whole new issue. All in I have around $2500 on the system now. The only thing I still need is a 4K...
  9. J

    Anybody know a website for license plate info?

    I just upgraded my camera system and I can read tag numbers better than ever. If I have anything that is worthy of police action then I can turn it over to local department for assistance. I recently had a construction truck dump a load of trash in my vacuum area and the sheriff department is...
  10. J

    Vacuum Locks

    I use zip ties. I have also had the doors destroyed so they could get 50 cents. When the zip ties are cut I look at the cameras. My latest guy looks to be in his mid 50’s and drives a new Acura sedan. He comes by every couple of nights and takes the dirt with him. He seems like a fruit loop.
  11. J

    Halo Booms

    I have 8 of these booms that I removed from a wash that sold to build gas station. The owner was a friend of mine and I saw these booms work, seemed to me that they always performed well and the wash owner liked them. You don’t see them very often.
  12. J

    New autocashier

    I have full ownership at one location and 50% owners at a 2nd. They have different names but are almost identical. Are you saying that I could use the app for both locations for one $200 monthly fee?
  13. J

    Value of D&S 5000 stainless gantry?

    Looking for information on the worth of stainless gantry. It’s in great shape with new shaft and bearings installed shortly before it was removed. I was thinking I may use it in another location but since had other thoughts. I am not dying to sell it but I have no idea of the current value...
  14. J

    New autocashier

    Had anyone used Hamilton’s custom mobile app?
  15. J

    This one customer was so clueless...

    Yesterday I saw a guy washing his car with the carpet shampooer on my fragramatic combo vac. He had carpet shampoo from front to back.
  16. J

    D & S i5000 presoak problem

    There is not a hot water feed. The water is heated as it recirculates. When the presoak solenoid fails to open the pump continues to run and heat water. The hot water relief is doing what it is supposed to do. The problem is the presoak solenoid.
  17. J

    D & S i5000 presoak problem

    My bad, looks like I need to explain further. The presoak is fed by a recirculating system and when the presoak stops coming out of the gantry tips the pump continues to run. When the water gets too hot the hot water overload opens on the pump. I think it has to be a power issue to the...
  18. J

    D & S i5000 presoak problem

    Hi MEP, just to verify. Everything runs through the same pump and motor at low, medium, and high pressure. I should check the load on the 25hp motor? There are no other issues with any of the other functions.
  19. J

    D & S i5000 presoak problem

    I have an issue with my i5000 presoak application. The gantry moves toward the rear of the car and stops at the bottom of the arches and on the way back up the presoak stops around eye level. The tips still have air coming out but no presoak. The pump continues to run until the thermal...