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    Anyone Install a conversion for a vacuum to Air Machine & Tire Shine ???

    Thanks, yes stealing hose always an issue. Damn we have been lucky we have only had maybe 5 various hoses stolen over 4 years at our wash. Thanks for input.
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    Anyone Install a conversion for a vacuum to Air Machine & Tire Shine ???

    About $1650................ so its alot less than a new say combo machine at say 4500-5K.
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    Anyone Install a conversion for a vacuum to Air Machine & Tire Shine ???

    Thank you so much, yes it looks easy. Just wondering if the air pump feature and such worked well. Thank you for comments.
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    Anyone Install a conversion for a vacuum to Air Machine & Tire Shine ???

    Anyone tried this ? Experiences? You install inside a vacuum. Product Description • Convert your “little used vacuum” to make more money • Includes: Thomas Compressor and pumping system, decals, air hose and gauge, Tire shine hose/gun, cover for vacuum outlet and hose brackets. • Use existing...
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    Are there any positive people here?

    Me & my partner bought a dirty old wash 4 years ago. Keeping it clean and being there with a positive attitude, is what it took.
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    Are there any positive people here?

    Nice wash !
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    Self-Serve High Pressure hoses wearing out

    They seem to last us about 1 year. We replace the hoses once per year. we buy from Kleen Rite. Our hoses only use COLD water, btw.
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    Ginsan Air Machine Shaking Violently ---- Seeking Advice

    I have the Ginsan AVVL1I Industrial Air Machine It is shaking too much when as it builds pressure. Had anyone had similar issue with this machine. Is it just adjusting the bleeder valve that would fix this. Any ideas are appreciated. Thanks
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    I intend to raise my self serve prices this year.... do more business, why to you think? For us, we have a cleaner place, show face, and have machines that work. Is that your experience too ?
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    Can you update us all ? Sorry this happened. The police should cite him for vandalism. I have had them do that at my wash for such things, but this was the worst.
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    Coin Shortage??????

    Get tokens, problem solved. Running around chasing quarters every week ?
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    Air Logic AirDry vs AirShamee

    Had a couple Air Logic nozzles stolen, is anyone using cheaper alternative to the air nozzle replacement from these companies?
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    Small town SS about to get a competitor!

    What dispenses the 'free wiper' fluid ?
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    car wash tax preparers

    We have 1 SS wash. my personal return. We feel ripped off, $1200. I am not using her again and will use a new acct. next year. Should be about $600. The whole tax prep business is a shyster operation, like the medical billing field. I am not going to let this happen again.
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    Thank you for suggestion to count up money to possibly increase revenues......had no idea. I will try !
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    'The Prospector" vac clean out bin~~~ ****reviews?****

    Yep, rather clean their mess than break the vacs !
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    Adding a Triple Foam System

    Anyone with experience with these systems, do they get much use ?
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    Self server air dryers

    We just did this week and I will tell you how it goes. I have heard positive reviews on this message board about dryers.
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    Adding Shampoo/Vac and Fragrance Vac - Payback ??

    What do you charge for fragrance and how much time ? What do you charge for shampoo and how much time ? Charge and time for just vacuum. For our vacuum only units, we charge $1 for 2 minutes, using the credit card we charge min $3 for 6 minutes. Thank you !
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    Adding Shampoo/Vac and Fragrance Vac - Payback ??

    Appreciate your reply & from all good and bad !