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  1. soapy

    New PPP

    My bank just sent out a form to get on the list for possible new PPP program. If anyone is interested check with your bank and get on the list early as there is not as much money available this time.
  2. soapy

    New Floor heat boiler

    We are in the middle of installing a new Raypak for bay floor heat . A couple of pics of the in process install and will let you know how it ends up working out. Hangs on the wall and uses PVCfor exhaust.
  3. soapy

    Moon for Mac

    I took a picture of the full moon rising between the Grand Tetons last night. Mac had posted about looking at the moon in a earlier post.
  4. soapy

    Loan Forgiveness

    I was talking to my banker about the forms needed for the PPP loan forgiveness program. His bank is only processing loans over 150K at this time for forgiveness. He said Congress is working on a total forgiveness program for any loans under 150K on the PPP program. I guess the government can't...
  5. soapy

    Liability limts/ exemptions laws

    My state of Idaho just passed a bill limiting/exempting liability for businesses etc to be sued from people who claim to catch Covid at your location. How many other states have passed similar bills? I know the federal govenment has been talking about it for a while but got nothing passed. I am...
  6. soapy

    Final Straw

    One of my locations sits next to a local Hardware store that I do a few hundred dollars a month business with. We have had a pretty good relationship through the years with the exception that they like to allow all the local charities to hold parking lot car wash sales in their lot. I have...
  7. soapy

    Credit Card usage increase

    Last month I paid the highest credit card fees ever. Business was good but I am seeing a increase in the overall percent of customers now using cards. Part of it may have been the so called coin shortage but a increase of over 15% usage in less than 6 months has to be credited to the COrona...
  8. soapy

    Hog Daddy foam brush

    I just ordered a few of the new Hog Daddy foam brushes. Here is a picture of them next to a Erie Monster Hair. The darker brush is the hog daddy and it feels and looks like the brush material is much more dense on them. Cheaper than the Erie brushes also.
  9. soapy

    Hand sanitizing stations

    Has anyone added these yet to your car wash? I ordered some commercial grade stainless steel units so I can install a couple per location. I think 1 in front of the SS bays and one central to the vac islands. I think as we come out of this more and more locations are going to have to have...
  10. soapy


    I usually stock a few solenoids for quick replacement. I put in my last spare 1/2 solenoid yesterday and went to order a few replacements. It seems that solenoids of all brands have really gone up in price in the last few years. More than doubling in price. I ordered the standard ones and also...
  11. soapy

    Erie synthetic foam brush

    I finally received some of the Erie aluminum head synthetic foam brush heads part 213801. Kleenrite picture shows something close to Nogs hair but is actually a light brown bristle. NOt as soft as NOgs hair or hogs hair but softer than a nylon brush. Material is somewhere in between. Bristle are...
  12. soapy

    Cyber Monday camera systems

    Great deals.on camera systems for your car wash. Lorex has some good deals and Supercircuits. SC for example a 8 camera turret type 5 megapixel 2 terrabite recorder $540.
  13. soapy

    Kleenrite shipping

    Just a heads up on a way to save money on the KR shipping. I just placed a small order and checked freight. If I ship it to my house $17.17 but if I put a commercial wash location address on it only $10. 70% more to ship to your house vs. your wash location.
  14. soapy

    IBA door problems

    We have ran into this problem a couple of times now on our RYKO door controls and it may also effect other brands of IBAs. Ryko always sends out a momentary stop signal first and then a open or close signal to the bay doors. On some new door openers this temp. stop signal can confuse the door...
  15. soapy

    I wonder why, coffee

    Many people have added small coffee shops to their car wash sites. I thought that there should be a coffee vending machine where a customer can walk up or drive up and be able to pick a coffee from the many kind of K cup varieties, watch it put the Kcup in the holder make the coffee and add any...
  16. soapy

    Will this work?

    I have been having problems with the switch on my shampoo vac. It is a basic 3 position on-off-on switch rated for 20 amps using a single pole. They only seem to last about 2 months before they stop working. I found this double pole 3 position switch and made up this wiring hoping that it will...
  17. soapy

    What if foamy brush automatically turned on

    I think it might be a good idea to have the foamy brush turn itself on whenever it was removed from its holder during a wash cycle. It would shut other functions off until it was put back into its holder and take priority. It would eliminate the people who come in 2s with one using a dry brush...
  18. soapy

    Bear Spray

    I received a phone call today from a lady passing through town with her family needing a interior detail. I have retired from that line of work but asked what she needed. She said her kids had a accident with their can of bear spray inside the van and they had to get it cleaned so they could...
  19. soapy

    Temporary pumps

    I had one of my procon pumps that provides my tire cleaner and bug remover go bad after 16 years of operation. There are literally 100s of configurations for these procon pumps and no one stocked the pump I needed and found out they are a made to order only pump. 2 to 3 weeks just to build one...
  20. soapy


    Regal theaters just announced a new plan offering unlimited movies watching at their theaters for $18 per month. No blackouts and includes all movies as many times as you want. It seems like they following the car wash industry. I guess they want the guaranteed money every month, time will tell...