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    New parts for PDQ M5

    I've swapped out my last M5 for a new 360 Plus. I have some new parts on my shelf that I don't need anymore. I asked my PDQ distributor what I had paid for the parts. That retail price is included, as well as what I'll sell them for. 6 new Festoon rollers - $37ea = $222 Sale Price = $110...
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    2 Axhiom printers for PDQ Access Units

    Printers work fine. I purchased the newer version a few years ago but never bothered to sell these. $75 for the pair + shipping.
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    GINSAN RO Canister End Caps Leak

    I have a 1yr old RO unit from Ginsan, and the plastic endcaps on the membrane canisters keep leaking. They've been replaced once already, but they appear to crack where the brass nipples are screwed in. Has anyone ever found stainless or aluminum endcaps made by someone to replace these...
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    Rebuilding AirLift Magna Glides

    Does anyone have a solution for rebuilding a Magna Glide? I have 8 of them that the internal slide seals are shot and they won’t work. My distributor says Airlift sells new ones and refurbished ones, but doesn’t have a program where you can send yours in for repair and return. They will give...
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    Hamilton Bill Stackers for Coin Machine

    I have 4 Hamilton Bill Stackers that were in our DRS Changers. We upgraded to Mars units. 2 Stackers are 2004 vintage, and two are 2015. All worked fine when they were removed. Asking $100 (plus shipping) for all four units combined.
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    Carolina Pride 3X Foam Systems

    Triple Foam system for Self Serve Bays. I have one that's a 3 bay system, and another that's a 4 bay system. They were new in 2009, worked well until we removed them from the wash locations. Complete units, including the SS booms for the bays. Asking $1.500 for 4-bay unit, and $1,200 for...
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    Rebuilding a Mosmatic Z-Boom

    Does anyone has any tips on rebuilding a Mosmatic Z-Boom. We have them in 8 Self Serve bays and a couple have worn out bearings. Bought the bearings from Mosmatic, but can't seem to figure out how to disassemble them in order to install the new bearings. Have taken them to a local machine...
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    Carolina Pride exhorbitant freight charges

    I've been a regular customer of Carolina Pride, have invested in 3 of their self serve systems for different wash locations I own. They have good equipment, and for the most part require very little maintenance. Recently I noticed when buying CP specific parts from them, they tend to over...
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    Shallco 10 position switches failing prematurely

    We use Shallco Series 1610 - 10 position rotary switches in our self serve bays and have experienced a higher than normal rate of failure in the last year. One recently "locked up" after only being in use for 2 months. Shallco is very good about warranty returns, and replacements. I just...
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    PDQ L360 issues with no Pre Soak

    I have 2 L-360's that are some of the early machines (Serial Number 00015 / 00016) and we have been having an issue with both bays not spraying presoak on the first pass. The arch will go around the vehicle but nothing is coming out. On the 2nd presoak pass there is never an issue. This has...
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    Un-maned flex express tunnel - Wishful thinking?

    We have some eager investors who are proposing to open a new express tunnel in town with the flexibility to select touch vs. touch free. It's going to be a 70' conveyor with all of the bells and whistles but the one thing that caught me by surprise was when the owners told the local planning...
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    PDQ Tandem tripping HP Pump Breaker

    I have two Tandems at different locations. One is ~3yrs old, one is ~2yrs old. We started having a common issue with the LH Pump tripping the breaker on the back bridge. This pump mainly supports the solutions manifold as well as HP funtions in conjunction with the RH Pump. We have only been...
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    Do you preauthorize self serve credit cards? If so BEWARE

    I have a Mercury Payment System with my Carolina Pride Self Service equipment in two of my wash locations. We accept credit cards in the SS bays, and have always preauthorized credit cards, before turning on the equipment. When we first setup our wash sites, we decided on $12 as the...
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    PDQ Access Units and (Possible Outage)

    I just received word from my PDQ Tech that some older Access S-Series Units on the Intrinsyc platform may not be accepting credit cards as of this past Monday due to a change made by, a credit card processor. PDQ was not aware that this change was being made by but...
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    JE Adams Vac stuck on, wouldnt shut off?

    Recently one of my JE Adams vac's was running and wouldnt shut off. I tripped the breaker, and reset it and it kept running. Coned it off and left it sit for a couple days (I was busy with other issues) and when I came back and reset the breaker, it didnt start running. Put coins in it and it...
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    Car Wash Show - Chicago

    Wondered if anyone else was suffering sticker shock at room rates in the windy city? I guess we've been spoiled with cheap rooms while it was in Las Vegas. I may decide not to attend, versus spending $300 a night. How about you?
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    Website Woes - Don't let your domain registration lapse!

    (PART 1) I learned a valuable lesson last week. My web designer sent me an email with my annual billing and mentioned that I must have let my domain registration lapse in May '13 for the web address on my mini storage business. I contacted Network Solutions my domain registration company and...
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    Who can rebuild a Cat CP2120W?

    I have some Cat CP2120W self serve pumps that need to be rebuilt. We've done the seals and o-rings but these either started chattering, had leaks at the pump / crankcase joint, etc. Does Cat have a rebuild program? I checked their website and wasnt able to find any information on that...
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    3X Foam Staining Vehicles- What to do?

    My Simoniz rep set up my new PDQ Tandem machine with the wrong tips in the 3X foam injectors. I started getting calls from customers that they had these blue and pink stains on their white vehicles. As usual I thought it was an older paint surface and told them to park it in the sun and it...
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    On Board HW Heater for L4000 - Any alternatives?

    My 9yr old HW heater on the L4000 has a cracked housing and is leaking quite a bit of water. I checked on a new one and my distributor wants $1,800. Does anyone have an alternative source for these box type units? I'm considering removing the L4000 this spring and replacing it with a new...