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    Good News for Car Washes

    Some fun reading, according to GM, the most popular color for new car purchases is WHITE! Love it, 'cause they're always dirty...
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    A Busted Profile for X-mas

    Usually, we anticipate a profitable weekend for all of the holidays. It won't be happening this year for Cheetah. Late Wed. around 5:00p.m., the top brush came crashing down, barely missing the front end of a customer's car. If anything good can be said about any of this, the customer was...
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    Swarms of Yellow Butterflies

    We're in South Texas and are currently experiencing swarms of yellow butterflies that plaster themselves to windshields and grills. Since Friday, our single IBA has been averaging in the 90's daily. Since 2:00p.m. today, we've already had 50 go through. As soon as the cars get out of the wash...
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    I Thought I'd Seen It All

    This morning a guy went through our wash (WW Profile-Max) with a X-mas wreath attached to the front of his truck. It looked nice going in, but not so much going out. Ha! As we say, There's No Cure For Stupid.