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  1. soapy

    Contactor coil

    This has happened to me twice in 25 years. Ryko SS pump bench with Baldor motor and Wanner pump but could happen on any equipment. When selecting any HP function in the bay the timer would reset itself and we would get no HP, I figured a draw on the 24 volt side of things and checked the water...
  2. soapy

    Facebook posting

    We had a guy steal a few things from our wash last night so we posted pictures on Facebook asking for help to identify him. His brother called within 3 hours and let us know they were bringing it all back.
  3. soapy

    Today's Break down

    I have a suggestion for Pat and Jackson. I think it would be nice to have a area where operators can post equipment break downs and what they did to fix the problem. Most all of our equipment is basically the same with different brand names on them. If you have a problem come up and fix it it...
  4. soapy


    It appears that it is much easier to post pictures on the new forum setup. I hope everyone will post more pictures for all to see.
  5. soapy

    Pit Boss

    I am getting closer to getting my PIT BOSS front loader done. It is a copy of one originally made by Gator and SLedge from this forum. It will attach to front of small tractor with a skid steer quick attachment. It will be narrow enough to reach down into the big mud pits and scoop the mud up...
  6. soapy

    New SSCWN

    Congrats on another fine edition of the SSCWN. Lots of good information as always. Thanks Jackson and Debra for keeping this alive and well.
  7. soapy

    Customer excuse

    I had a customer pull up to a automatic bay pause to pay for a wash and her foot slips off the brake into the accelerator and she drives through the door. She drives off without calling us. $1700 damage to the door. We call the police and show them the video with the plate. The cop finally gets...
  8. soapy

    internet/phone loss century link

    I figure I lost a few hundred dollars on 12/27 since I had no phone lines or internet to process CC at my locations. I did find a lot more big bills in the changer though. ( NOt counterfeit bills). I am sure the nationwide shutdown was a Chinese hack since they found a Panda munching their wires...
  9. soapy

    $50,000 car wash Credit

    What would you get for your wash if you were given a $50,000 car wash credit?
  10. soapy

    Auto bay door seal

    I came across this product recently when rehabbing a auto bay. sells a couple of different seals to keep water from entering or exiting a bay. I used the rubber 1 1/2 inch garage door threshold on my automatic bay. This version is glued down using special glue they send with the kit...
  11. soapy

    Replaced IBA

    July 26 we had a IBA totaled. I targeted Oct 1 to be up and running with the replacement. WE missed by 11 days mostly due to electricians not being able to make it for 10 days after the basic install. Insurance is satisfied now and we are up and running. Very happy with the install but it has...
  12. soapy

    ICA water study

    The latest ICA water study found that the average IBA uses 45 gallon of fresh water per wash and that 21% of that water is carried out or evaporated and does not go down the drain. Seems like this question comes up all the time so just wanted to post this up. Study was done in 2017.
  13. soapy

    Your car wash worst damage claim?

    I know we all hope our car washes cause no damage but occasionally things happen and we do have to take care of a car that has been damaged by our car wash for what ever reason. I was just wondering what some of the worst claims are. Over 25 years I have had a few usually under $1000 and rarely...
  14. soapy

    Totaled IBA

    The guy in this truck and trailer decided to drive through one of my IBAs today. Trailer was only about 2 feet too tall. After knocking out the door and clearance header he tried to pull straight through the wash. Ended up bending the entire stainless frame of the machine. He had to back out...
  15. soapy

    Wall mounted vacuum

    Has anyone seen a wall mounted vacuum? I don't really want to stick a round one down on the end of my building. A sleeker, flat design one would be perfect. I think most car washes have open wall on the end(s) that would be a good place for one. If we had a nice wall mount vacuum option we could...
  16. soapy

    Credit card processor

    This is a heads to anyone who accepts credit cards at your wash. If in the past you have been using Elavon as your credit card processor be aware that they were bought out 10/18 by Touchsuite. Transition was supposed to be seamless. However I found a couple of the accounts that were to be...
  17. soapy

    Dual foam brush

    I had this idea at the ICA show. This is a rough mockup of a dual head foam brush. One side is regular hogs hair and the other a small tire and wheel brush for extra scrubbing power and to get into tight places on the wheels. To make it I used 1 - 1/2 T , 2- 1/2 threaded nipples, and 1- 1/2 inch...
  18. soapy

    Tip size impact

    We get a lot of questions on what tip size to use. I found the formula for converting the flow rate and pressure to Foot lbs. Once you have the foot lbs. for flow rate and pressure the only variable is the spread pattern of the tip. For example a 15 degree tip would have 3 times the impact of a...
  19. soapy

    Ring camera...refunds

    We have all seen the doorbell advertised for home monitor. If someone rings your doorbell it calls your cell phone and you can see the person as well as talk to them. It all goes through your WIFI system so there is no monthly charges etc. Bill Pitzer had rigged something up similar...
  20. soapy

    Camera update

    I purchased some of the new HD camera systems along with many others here on the Black Friday sales last year. I bought 2 swann 1080p 8 camera systems from Sam's and 1 Lorex 16 camera capable 1080 HD with 8 ball cameras and 4 motorized varifocus cameras from Lorex. I never did get the 4...