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  1. jprb

    Southeast Missouri ACW thief caught
  2. jprb

    Ryko $99,999 installed special

    I wish I needed one right now! JPRB
  3. jprb

    Is anyone out there using C K Enterprises soap
  4. jprb

    Is anyone out there using C K Enterprises soap

    I use it on a touch free automatic and self service bays. It does a great job cleaning. They have the best triple foam wax I’ve found. Love the SCUBA system. It’s very convenient and easy to use.
  5. jprb

    Ryko Bi-Fold Window Reinstall

    (I don't know what these doors are. I'm using what I learned on a hardtop Jeep window with a rubber frame) Put a nylon cord/rope into the rubber gasket, all the way around. Then put the window into place. Pull the cord out toward you to pull the gasket out around the window. JPRB
  6. jprb

    Superwash Supermatic Autmatic Parts

    I have some of the relay modules for an old Super Wash computer. Wash was installed in 1996. Let me know if you need them. JPRB
  7. jprb

    wire mesh inlet strainer

    I'd try Dultmeier. With their Ag/Lawn divisions, they should have something! JPRB
  8. jprb

    2017 ICA Convention

    Is there an opening night event this year? Haven't seen anything about it.
  9. jprb

    Depositing Quarters

    Get a coin scale if you have all quarters, and don't need to sort coins. They are as accurate at counter, and much quicker. I've never paid money to deposit my money. I'd find another bank.
  10. jprb

    Lettering for vinyl door

    Glad it worked out! Got any photos?? JPRB
  11. jprb

    High Pressure Floats for Wash Tank

    Mep, I have one large (50gal ?) floor tank that feeds a Cat 3535. I remember replacing that float twice in 20 years. I have several smaller (20-30 gal) tanks, both stand & floor mounted for Automatic & Self service pumps. The pump stands valves have to be replaced more often. The pump...
  12. jprb

    High Pressure Floats for Wash Tank

    I think having the water storage tank mounted on the pump stand is a big factor in quick failures of valves. I have both stand and floor mounted tanks. The valves in the floor mounted tanks last much longer, probably due to much less vibration. I use mostly Walters, and have a couple of Jobe...
  13. jprb

    ER Backup Heater

    We use these (or similar) at all of our washes. Jprb
  14. jprb

    Lettering for vinyl door

    I have seen some LED "OPEN" signs like they use at a bank drive thru. I have vinyl doors, also, (with no signs on them) and I think the lighted signs over the door would be more noticeable. Also, you'd have the ability to turn them off when a bay was down for service...
  15. jprb

    Medoco Locks

    I use powdered graphite to keep locks lubricated. Works great. Not sure it will free up a stuck lock though. JPRB
  16. jprb

    Pay by phone

    I have seen WashCard's setup at the show this year. It's a pretty simple setup. I like the idea of it, but I'm not sure how much it would actually get used. Is the Pay-by-phone being used by a lot of people for other services? I'd be interested in others' opinions. JPRB
  17. jprb

    Jarvis 320W Scottsdale retrofit LED

    Check with Nick Kendall at Sunbelt Car Wash Services. I have purchased several Cree fixtures from them at very competitive prices. They have displayed at the Car Wash Show in the past. Nick Kendall Sunbelt Distributing 442 Azalea Road Mobile, AL 36609 Office: 251-272-5711 E-mail...
  18. jprb

    Help delaying car from entering till dryers shut off.

    We used a relay on the dryer contactor to hold the "wash busy" signal from the car wash to the paystation. It clears/goes off when the dryer shuts off (contactor shuts off).
  19. jprb

    Jobe Topaz Question

    They make different models for hot water. Possibly yours is a cold water model. JPRB
  20. jprb

    Bad idea to have 2 IBA machines side by side with different wash package options?

    I have two Soft Gloss machines side by side. One has the color wave, and a dryer ($5,7,9,12). The other does not ($5,6,7,9). I have a top wash on with the color wave & dryer at $12.00. Both washes have the same $9.00 wash. The $7.00 washes are similar, with the dryer added to the machine...