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  1. jprb

    Southeast Missouri ACW thief caught
  2. jprb

    Parking Lot Lighting

    Has anyone replace their metal halide pole lights with fluorescent or LED fixtures? I have some that need repaired and was considering options on replacing the fixtures with something requiring less maintenance. Currently have 400W metal halide, mostly, and would like something as bright or...
  3. jprb

    Ryko Soft Gloss Maxx Loading problem

    I have been getting lots of complaints when people overshoot the stop plate. The Ryko requires the back-up switch to be activated twice to prevent the wash from starting with the back tire in the stop plate. We have had this problem since we installed the wash, but it seems to be getting...
  4. jprb

    Medeco Plug Lock Stuck

    I have a Medeco plug lock that won't come out. The key goes in and out, but the lock won't turn. I've tried flushing it out with lubricants, shaking and tapping the key, etc. I can't get it to turn. Any suggestions?? Thanks, JPRB
  5. jprb

    Presoak problem

    Our presoak is failing to make it to the bay. We use a flojet pump -> checkvalve -> 4 solenoid (1 per bay) -> checkvalve @ manifold above each bay. When the presoak fails, it fails in all bays. I checked it today, and began tracing the flow. Pump works when I removed the hose @ the pump...
  6. jprb

    Dog Wash article

    Our local online newspaper did an article on our Dog Wash: We have had lots of positive comments about it! It has been open a little over a year now. JPRB
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    S. E. Missouri Stringer

    I recovered bills at two of our car washes in SE MO which had tape and string on them. I don't believe the changers or ACW's were defeated, but he did cause damage to one of the bill acceptors. He also tampered with the surveilance cameras. The suspect is a white male, about 5'10", short...
  8. jprb

    Check valves-Teflon or Viton

    Is teflon tougher than viton, or does the chemical going through the check valve determine which should be used? (I'm looking at fluid controls check valves) Is the viton tough enough to withstand all chemicals. Thanks, JPRB
  9. jprb

    Don't forget to....???

    We are planning to start construction on a new car wash (SS and IBA) this fall. I would like to hear from everyone the things that they wish they would have added during the construction of a new wash. It seems that we have always left out this or that during construction, and then just make...
  10. jprb

    Travel deals to Las Vegas

    Has anyone found any good deals on airline tickets and hotels for the ICA show in Vegas? Everything I've found so far seems higher than normal. JPRB
  11. jprb

    Washworld Radiantz

    Does anyone have, or have you seen, a Washworld Radiantz (soft cloth) in service. I'd like to see one or hear an oppinion of the machine. JPRB
  12. jprb

    Vacuum Setup?

    We are looking to replace the vacuums at a location with 2 vacs. They are currently on a single island with one facing each side. We are planning on replacing the vacs with a fragrance/vac and a shampoo/vac. I was wondering about placing them on two separate (in line), single vac islands...
  13. jprb

    Cat pump 623 problem

    We have a Cat 623 piston pump the is eating cups every few days. It is an older pump with serveral thousand hours on it. Do the cylinders need to be replaced, or is there another problem? The inside of the cylinders seems to be smooth, and the fit tightly when the new cups are installed...
  14. jprb

    Live Bugs

    I have a bug problem at a couple of washes in the summer. Haven't tried any extermination methods yet and thought I'd check here first. The bugs are small black beetles that seem to be attracted to the moisture. Any suggestions (other than shutting off the water)? Thanks JPRB
  15. jprb

    Liquid Fragrance

    Which brand and frangrance does everyone use for their fragrance vacs? Do some brands or fragrances seem to last longer or smell better (closer to the actual name) than others? Thanks, JPRB
  16. jprb

    Rain, Rain, Go Away!

    These are photos of our Chaffee, MO car wash after the area (SE Missouri) got around 14 inches of rain. There was about 6 inches in the equipment room. So far, not a lot of damage at the wash, unless the water goes higher! JPRB