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  1. BenBranam

    My goal for 2021 (businesswise) is to ______________________________

    Double the Detail business we do.
  2. BenBranam

    Hiring a Person

    I posted on Indeed and got a couple of people back. We will see how it goes.
  3. BenBranam

    Hiring a Person

    Thanks, I'm actually looking for a counter sales person inside the show room. Good ideas for the others.
  4. BenBranam

    Hiring a Person

    Where have you gotten the best results hiring someone for a car wash? I'm looking for someone and hoping some of you would have some great advice. Thanks,
  5. BenBranam

    Surfactants to prevent rust from Low PH pre-soaks?

    We sell and manufacture chemicals and we think it's impossible. Everything is corrosive over time. Acids are generally more corrosive. The only way a surfactant would help with it being less corrosive is if the surfactant changed the pH in the mixture. Then your low pH pre-soak wouldn't work...
  6. BenBranam

    Building a ss wash - I know, crazy

    27k for new equipment per bay is about right.
  7. BenBranam

    Hi PH-what to use

    If you don't get a water softener you probably need to use twice or more chemical to get the job done. Water softeners let the chemicals work. Without soft water the chemicals are literally cleaning the water you are putting it in and not cleaning the car.
  8. BenBranam

    Unlimited Pass - Why are they offered?

    You might think of putting a mini tunnel in that will do more than the Petit system will. If you really want to compete and do the volume.
  9. BenBranam

    Potential purchase

    If the technician can't explain it to you then call another tech. Bad, as in doesn't work or will not work for long. When some of your high-pressure pumps start sucking air you will get a pulse through the line that makes a lot of noise in the bays. It means the pump needs to be rebuilt or is...
  10. BenBranam

    Large Vehicle Wash Systems

    You might talk to Brad Quay at D&S Car Washes. It's what he does.
  11. BenBranam

    ?? On chemical useage on Razor XR7

    A drying agent should be a low-pressure use, like an RO or wax at the end. Using it at high pressure is a complete waste and very expensive, and probably isn't getting the car any dryer or cleaner.
  12. BenBranam

    Trying to get away from HF presoak on Touch free IBA

    You can use a product that has a low PH, but not that low. Lots of car washes use stuff that is less then a 1 on the ph scale and that is just about the same thing as battery acid. There are other products that will do well that have a little higher PH. Once you get over 1 and into 2 it is no...
  13. BenBranam

    Upgrading RO system

    That's a good price! Just watch for installation and set up costs, unless you can do it yourself. Just wanted to put the tank option out there. Most of the time storing water is cheaper than making water faster.
  14. BenBranam

    Upgrading RO system

    Normally it's a lot cheaper to store water than make water. Maybe, if you have room, consider putting in another 1500 gallon tank for your RO system and that might get you enough water to run the wash. Upgrading your RO system could be $15,000 plus and putting another tank in could be less...
  15. BenBranam

    Happy Birthday USMC !

    Semper Fi, and Happy Birthday Marine!
  16. BenBranam

    Potential purchase

    See if you can find a car wash repair technician in the area by calling any car wash distributor or chemical distributor in the area. Pay him/her for their time and ask them to do an inspection. What equipment works, what is going bad, and what is bad. To do this right they will want the...
  17. BenBranam

    Trying to get away from HF presoak on Touch free IBA

    Hi or Low depends on what you are trying to get off the vehicle. A low PH presoak should get inorganic (road grime) off of the vehicle. The Hi PH presoak should get organics off the vehicle (bugs, bird droppings, and greases). Monte, it's more of a question of what you are trying to get off...
  18. BenBranam

    My competition?

    That sounds horrible. I hope you can overcome this or are doing the right thing by starting another business. Thanks for the insight for us new people in the industry.
  19. BenBranam

    Unlimited Pass - Why are they offered?

    The math is different and easier than that. I want you to have a higher margin per wash on your monthly customers not lower. Easy Math Here: if you medium wash is $10. You charge 3.5x that price Your monthly program for that wash is $35 a month. Now if the average is 3.2 washes per month...
  20. BenBranam

    Unlimited Pass - Why are they offered?

    You're making up numbers. One of the numbers one of the big pay station operators that do tens of thousands of memberships said the average membership person uses their membership 3.2 times per month. If that number is true and you charge 3.5 times every month for your monthly membership you...