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    Air Shammee Nozzle Issue

    Do yours have the swivels on them and if so how well do they hold up? Besides the swivels they seem indestructible.
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    Air Shammee Nozzle Issue

    I can't find those but I did run across a nice looking polished Mosmatic holder. #29.128
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    Air Shammee Nozzle Issue

    I agree. They do not polish them at all. It looks like a piece of exhaust pipe welded to the mounting strap. I gave it a brushed finish before installing it. Is there a nicer looking one? I would pay more.
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    Air Shammee Nozzle Issue

    The nozzle photo on Kleen-Rite's site is not the correct one.
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    Air Shammee Nozzle Issue

    I can't believe how time flies. It seems like the nozzle was working half azz and so we didn't change it for apparently months. Yesterday I changed it to the new type bed liner coated Air Logic nozzle with the vac hose swivel on it. OMG! The air flow is unreal and would NOT stay in the original...
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    Thawing frozen hoses

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    What do you do when you get one of these?...

    I find it suspicious that the first one did not give his last name or address. Also is he suggesting this is the first time it has been washed since new? I bet he hand washed it at home a time or ten before.
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    Poll: Do you clean your car wash pits yourself?

    That is suspiciously cheap. Did you ever ask where he dumps it? The best price we have found is $350 per 1,250 gallon bay and compared to everyone else was crazy cheap.
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    Gray water dumping at wash?

    Your drains are going to the sanitary sewer (unless your wash is really old) so I can see why the city is allowing it. I'm with you though on not allowing it.
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    Cryptopay Wiring

    Actually the correct green ones are: The red ones are:
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    Dema 458 solenoid issue/question....

    We had a problem with the same solenoid on our under carriage. It would not close all the way and the under carriage would run sometimes when it was supposed to be off. We disassembled and cleaned but it only worked for a short period of time. We bought a rebuild kit and it worked for a little...
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    Cryptopay Wiring

    Cryptopay does not but you can buy them for $10-$12 each online.
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    Cryptopay Wiring

    The buttons seem to be the weak link but you can replace those with a little soldering of 24 ga wires onto the switch.
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    Razor edge vs Xr7

    The XR7 is not all stainless but the other two Razors are.
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    It ain't over...

    I'm convinced that big tech and the news media are the biggest enemies of free thinking Americans. We are scared of them and they are scared of us.
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    It ain't over...

    It looks like you might consider switching to decaf. 😁
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    Winter soap

    1. Yes if using the hydrominder there will be water mixed in and the strongest methanol you will get with the tip removed is 20%. (4 parts water/1 part methanol) If you are talking about -9 Fahrenheit then this method won't work because it freezes at about 10F. Somewhere I read that there are...
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    Switched to count up today

    We are trying to get into the minds of self serve car wash customers but we will never know what is really going on in there.
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    Motor Starter Contacts....better check!

    I don't shut the power off but I use one of these:
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    Switched to count up today

    Our customers have been trained for several years to add time by pressing the button so I'm not sure why we would not put up a sign. I'm sure somebody reads them.