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    Im looking for a Hamilton DRS changer. Possibly 2 of them. Call Bob @ 252-432-6560 thanks
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    Rural Area Car Wash Profit/Loss Comps

    coinless, I see you listed alot of property repairs and some vacs. What did you do to make the carwash equipment perform better or clean the car better for the customer ? This is a real question, not sarcasm. Thanks
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    Due diligence for SS Car Wash

    The income
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    Kris oliver - pdq bay requiremnts

    please post bay dimension requirements for 360 plus and 2 brush tandem. With or without frame. I couldnt find on website. Thanks Bob
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    Up for sale is 4 D/H Vortec Vacs. I believe 2007 model. Built right and have served me very well over the years Noteable features include -3 motors -medeco T-handle locks on meter and coin drawer -full length hinged lock for bag and trash doors - microcoin acceptor -countdown timer (covered up...
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    Dilling & Harris SS stand questions

    The TC air should not be on all the time. It may be the same air for multiple functions but it should not be on all the time. I foam my low pressure wax. Its on a flojet. Hope this helps.
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    vac decal removal

    I use a heat gun to help peel off the decal. Then wipe off all the glue with some gas on a rag. Works like a champ.
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    Would you build/invest right now?

    I must respectfully disagree that car washing isnt the first to go and people will always be washing. . I distinctly remember june of 2007 and the next few years to follow. The southeastern usa got hit really hard. I know that many factors played a part but when you gotta choose between...
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    Vacuum Issue - Blowing 20A fuses

    call Kelly at fragramatics. she will get you goin in the right direction. 870-535-5777
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    Best Offer to Run...

    have a free weekend and let em line up. Your site will look busy and you will get people who haven't tried it. This has worked well for me. also I have had fleet cards printed and loaded them with 2 free carwashes. I have passed out as many as 600 at Christmas. The people love it...
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    Replacing working IBA's for new equipment, when does it make sense?

    I would highly recommend that you buy one of each if not 2 frictions. I know exactly how you feel about doing a great job cleaning with the touchfree. Ive got 2 of them and im proud of the cars we turn out. However, before you buy you should come to North Carolina and ride around any town...
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    What to do with an old SS Wash?

    I wouldn't spend too awful much if redevelop was the master plan, but I would pay somebody to get it all working. Raise the price to 2.25 in bay and 1.25 on the vacs, give a little bit more time, throw on some "real estate paint" lol and let er bump. Milk that jesse for every quarter you...
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    Property line issue with adjacent gas station

    I can see this goin nowhere with you playing nice. set up some concrete pillars like they use on the interstate to block him off. He will likely be ready to deal when he finds out how bad he needs your space. Then you can swing the deal in your favor.
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    Water heater suggestion

    I’ll have to check and let you know. Pm me a cell number and get you some pics too
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    Water heater suggestion

    Still available
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    Dilling Harris Touch Select Door repair

    For timer and distribution board repair call S Thomas and Associates (STA) down in Texas or call RDM over in NC. For touchpad switches or light strips, pm me and I might can find some
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    Water damage to IBA control box

    I agree with chaz. To me it looks like a lot more water than condensation but I'll throw in for you checking the ceiling on the inside of the box. You may have condensation there. If so you can better ventilate your equipment room and/or turn down the heat a bit. I say this because to me...
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    Unitec WS2 not activating wash

    you could also go into diagnostics and test the output relays
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    You have to go into diagnostics and turn on the undercarriage valve and also turn on the pump
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    Water heater suggestion

    Bad idea but i can hook you up if you really want one. Ive got a lochinvar gas heater with circulator and 100 storage tank. $500. Call Bob @ 252- 432-6560