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    Cryptopay Credit Card won't fit in swiper

    I called cryptopay and they told me there is no adjustment and never heard of the issue before. That's why I thought I would check here.
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    Cryptopay Credit Card won't fit in swiper

    I had a customer today that had a credit card that physically wouldn't fit through the cryptopay swiper slot. I even tried the card and there was no way it was going to fit. I tried my card and thought it was tighter than I am used to seeing on credit card readers. Has anyone else had this...
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    It ain't over...

    So you have no issue banning conservative speech on radio, tv, telephone, newspapers, billboards, etc? These are all private companies. When the companies operate as monopolies and only shut down one side of speech the company should be broken up and/or lose their protections. What if a...
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    It ain't over...

    Back it up with facts? Did you just wake up from a long sleep or what? Yes free speech is being shut down. Trumps accounts and many of his supporters accounts are being shut down as well on twitter, youtube, and parlor. Yes the election rules were changed at the last minute in many states...
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    It ain't over...

    I think free speech is a thing of the past. The latest impeachment thing is just the newest way to rig the next election. They are scared to death that he could win again and just want to disqualify him so he can't run. It seems the democrats can't ever play by the rules. They constantly...
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    I use warsaw soaps and I find that even their titration kits can very by 5 drops or more from brand new kits. I called them and ask why I was seeing the wide variance on brand new kits and they said the bottle tip may be a little bigger on one bottle to the next. It kind of made me think the...
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    new worldpay fee?

    I thought cryptopay had a deal with worldpay that we were locked into the old rate? I wonder if cryptopay is aware of this?
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    Radius vs Kondor

    I was also interested in seeing the dryer setup
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    Meter Box Decals

    Sent you a message about interest in your old etowah valley stuff.
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    Do you want to sell your etowah valley meterbox stuff?

    Do you want to sell your etowah valley meterbox stuff?
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    SS, Laundromat with Reclaim

    I believe he is wanting to use the reclaimed laundromat water in the car wash, not the laundromat.
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    New pay station signs! Thoughts

    I would rather have the credit card logo's than the straight font. People don't read anything, but will recognize a visa, or mastercard logo.
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    Cost of Kondor + install

    What is your website?
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    Looking at buying a Car Wash

    After sitting for 8 years I have to think the watersoftener would need rebeded, the spotfree membranes would be junk, pumps pitted from sitting with water in them for 8 years, backflow preventer moving parts froze up, piston solenoids all froze up, diaphram solenoid valves with hard rubber in...
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    EMV Credit Card compliance by April 2021

    You had me until you said worldpay. They are impossible to deal with. If you call them you better not plan on doing anything for the next hour or so. They have locked me out of my account so many times I have given up on ever logging on to it again. They lock your account if you don't log on...
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    Dixmor Weep Mizer VS compressed air

    I used to have an old superwash machine that I used all compressed air on and it worked pretty well. Of course it only had one hose going to the machine and it was all downhill. I also had it set up to purge with air wait a few minutes and purge again.
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    Billboards on your property. What do you get paid?

    Wouldn't his contract be null and void if he didn't own the property anymore?
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    Billboards on your property. What do you get paid?

    I was looking at a purchasing a property that has a large double sided billboard sign by lind located on the property. These are the same billboards you see along the highway. The guy said he was being paid $500 a year which I thought seemed low. Does anyone else have any experience with this?
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    Cat pump oil revisit

    I have read the older forums where various operators said to use SAE30 oil in their cat pumps. When I read the cat pump oil bottle it says ISO68 "petroleum-based , hydraulic oil with advanced additive package to protect against wear, oxidation, rust and corrosion" So why wouldn't you just use...
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    Car wash for sale - owner does not own building

    "runs itself" Someone is in for a rude awakening. LOL