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    Hamilton Goldline with Crypto Pay Locking Up

    Whenever this situation occurs, I go inside and press the system reset button for 10-15 seconds to do a "hard reset". Normally this will revile the first wash that was paid for. Then I do it again and that reviews the second was that was paid for. Then I do it one more time and it "totally"...
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    Hamilton Goldline with Crypto Pay Locking Up

    I must be missing something. Can you explain exactly how you are able to duplicate the problem. I've been thinking this problem is because customers drive off just prior to the wash being finished, but if that's not it I'd like to know how to duplicate it so I can get it resolved. Especially...
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    Oasis Typhoon Rear Wand Issue

    If you haven't, clean the lens on the length prox sensors. Next watch to see if soap is some how being sprayed so that it is going over the bottom prox lens in the rear wand. A plugged tip might cause this. Last check wires for a loose/bad connection in the box. Last, replace the prox in the...
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    STA Hamilton Validator - Repair

    Looking for existing wisdom before being forced to "upgrade" the GoldLine bill acceptor. It appears that moving to the MARS acceptor is the preferred "upgrade" based on what I have read online and above. However, my local repair shop is pushing upgrading to the XE validator. I am looking for...