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    compressor start capacitor sizing

    My 5hp air compressor‘s start capacitor seems to last for about a year before needing replacement (open circuit). The compressor was purchased used and I wonder if somewhere along the line someone replaced the start capacitor with the wrong size. The current start capacitor’s size is 233-280MFD...
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    How to drill star safe

    can someone please pm the directions to properly drill a star safe head. additionally, the safe head has not been opened for at least 25 years and is rusted in place (cannot rotate safe head). Been applying pb blaster, but the head is still stuck. any Ideas or suggestions to loosen up the head?
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    Cryptopay swiper push switch (button) issue

    Just installed Cryptopay and new Dixmor LED 9 timers. On one of the bays, it seems like it requires multiple pushes of the stop button (count up mode ) before the Dixmor timer ends the cycle and displays the credit card charges. I just noticed this this evening and don't know if there is a delay...
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    Bottom door needed for three door IVS combo turbo vac

    Looking for a bottom door for an older IVS turbo combo vacuum. I believe this was made by Fragramatics and rebranded IVS. It is a three door machine. thanks.
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    Round (hocky puck) lock removal

    I have an IVS vacuum that has a round lock on the coin box. I have no key and need to remove it. thanks
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    dual Unitec Wash Change and extra parts

    I have a dual Unitec Wash Change with Mars. Also have a supply of extra parts ( hoppers, power supplies, coin cups, control boards, harness) Changer was in working condition when removed from service. If you need anything let me know. 770-634-9272
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    Is 22ga meter box wire acceptable?

    Is it acceptable to use 22g stranded wire from the meter boxes to the equipment room? I have access to Belden 8458 (15 conductors) stranded wire from someone in the business. He got it from IDX some time ago. When I spoke to IDX they told me one of the reasons they sold it was because in the...
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    LED9 & Microcoin QL connection

    Installing Led 9 on bay wall and trying to minimize wires to the timer. For the Dixmor LED9, is the connection between the timer and Microcoin QL a 4 wire connection or 3 wire connection. For 4 wire coin acceptor connections (Sensatron), besides power and common, there are two signal (coin...
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    icoin acceptor

    Was thinking about trying out some icoin acceptors. Read somewhere else on the forum that they had issues with the acceptor losing its programming. Is this still an issue? Any experience/opinions regarding this acceptor?
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    Mounting bracket for dixmor timer horn

    Any ideas on how to mount a Dixmor horn. Don’t want to leave it dangling in the meter box. thanks
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    Electroswitch spade connector size

    I'm rewiring some meter boxes and was wondering what is the correct size (width) spade connector for an electroswitch? The ones at the local box store were too wide. I probably need to order them. Any preferred brand or part number? Will be using 18 gauge stranded wire.
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    Which Cryptopay swiper for vacuum?

    Perhaps I'm missing something here. What would be the drawback of installing the Crytopay swiper with the button on the vacuum? What is the advantage of installing the swiper without the button on the vacuum?
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    Crytopay card reader placement

    I have small coin boxes that measure 6 inches wide by 11 inches tall. To accommodate the Crytopay card reader, I was planning on mounting the display timer on the wall above the meter box and having new faceplates made. The box is recessed into the wall approximately 3 inches. What would be...
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    Internet speed for video surveillance system

    What internet service speed would be best so that I could monitor my car wash remotely. Is cable any better than DSL? Anything I need to look out for? Thanks
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    Wash bay camera placement

    I have the option to mount cameras on my light poles or in each bay. From experience, would it better to mount the cameras on the perimeter light poles on in the bays? One of my concerns about mounting cameras in the bays is that the lens will frequently need cleaning. Additionally, if I do...
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    Pole mounting Lorex dome cameras

    Getting ready to install some Lorex LNE8974 series dome cameras on a 4 inch pole. Was looking on the Lorex website and cannot find a goose-neck style mount. The idea is to avoid mounting the camera directly to the pole. looking for some type of mount that lets me mount the camera horizontally...
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    Video cable question

    Getting ready to install a new video system and have a question about PoE cable. The system I'm considering comes with premade 100ft cat5e cables but they are not outdoor/direct burial rated. Do I need direct burial rated cables if they are under a canopy? If needed I could purchase some cat5e...
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    How is the Etowah Valley Hamilton RNS conversion kit installed?

    I have an RNS and cannot find the installation instructions on the EV website. Does the kit use the same hole as the hamilton validator? is the kit an up or down stack validator? Is any cutting of the faceplate required? If somebody could post an installation pdf or pics it would be great.
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    Etowah Valley or Hamilton Mars conversion for RNS Changer

    I just got a used Hamilton RNS change machine. There are no keys so I'm still unable to completely know what I'm working with. It seems to have A Coinco conversion kit already installed and I was thinking of converting it to MARS. I believe that both Etowah Valley Equipment and Hamilton make...
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    need instructions to remove Medico plug lock

    Have two Medico plug locks that need removing (lost keys). Spent inordinate amount of time getting the first one out. Can somebody please send me the instructions to remove these? Thanks