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  1. Greg_T

    The funny thing about owning a self serve is

    .... how people perceive that I probably spend about an hour a week collecting big bags of money, without having to do any other work!
  2. Greg_T

    Buying an old ugly car wash

    I'm on the wrong side of the world (Australia) to comment specifically, but I really like the idea of buying businesses that have been neglected but have some good potential, then adding lots of your own effort to get them up and active again. In the last 5 years we have been lucky enough to...
  3. Greg_T

    Pit Cleaning Advise

    Can't say. 😉
  4. Greg_T

    Potential purchase

    I did visit Florida once! Does that count? Sorry, but I have to confirm that I am all the way on the other side of the planet.
  5. Greg_T

    Pit Cleaning Advise

    Mine is very low tech, shovels and 5 gallon / 20 litre buckets. The key for me is doing a little bit regularly, rather than suddenly having to do a bulk amount.
  6. Greg_T

    Small town wash profits???

    Good luck with, hope it works out for you.
  7. Greg_T

    Potential purchase

    Sorry, I'm on the wrong continent (Australia). Hopefully someone closer to you can help.
  8. Greg_T

    Small town wash profits???

    Some numbers based on our little wash in rural Victoria, Australia (in Australian dollars). - Town of about 1500, with probably 500 in surrounding district and some tourism - 3 SS bays, two vacuums, 3 vending machines, 1 dogwash - Total revenue approximately $85,000 per annum - After expenses...
  9. Greg_T

    Potential purchase

    I can't comment on any specifics regarding equipment, but from my 20 years as an engineer / project manager in industrial plants, be sure to avoid "optimism bias". As humans, we unfortunately tend to think that any project will cost less and be completed more quickly than it finally turns out...
  10. Greg_T

    Interested in building a self service ATV Wash

    Ours is a little 3 bay wash, and we get lots of muddy 4WDs, farm vehicles etc. I have considered trying to get all muddy vehicles to use 1 bay, thus leaving the other 2 bays relatively clean and more attractive to our other customers. Maybe something like that would be an option? Unfortunately...
  11. Greg_T

    Theft of meter box doors, and looking for advise how to secure them better.

    I've got no advice to offer, but I really feel for you. Hope things get better soon.
  12. Greg_T

    Pulsating pump issue

    Not sure if this is your particular issue, but I recently had a problem with pump "pulsation" on two particular settings - high pressure soap and wax rinse. After some head scratching, I found a brass fitting on the pump inlet that was cracked through. Currently awaiting some stainless steel...
  13. Greg_T

    Foam brush marks on aluminiuim

    Thanks, I never considered the hogs hair brush as part of the whole package. I'll change out the brush and see if it helps. Fingers crossed.
  14. Greg_T

    Foam brush marks on aluminiuim

    Unfortunately it appears to be a chemical reaction with the aluminium, rather than dirt build-up. No amount of scrubbing / pressure washing / alkaline cleaner will move it, but it removes easily with the original aluminium acid-based cleaning product.
  15. Greg_T

    Foam brush marks on aluminiuim

    One bay of our wash has aluminium sheeting on the lower half of the walls. In 2019 I used an aluminium cleaner called "Ali King", which has phosporic acid, hydroflouric acid and butoxyethanol. It worked very well, and it was nearly 12 months before I felt I needed to use Ali King again. So a few...
  16. Greg_T


    We are lucky to have $1 and $2 coins. Most of our take is from $2 coins, so this improves the situation further. It would certainly make cash handling a lot more of a headache with 10 x 20c piece (closest to the US quarter) rather than a $2 coin. As far as I'm aware there has been no...
  17. Greg_T


    Australians love credit cards, and generally cash use is on the decline. But our wash still only has 30-40% credit cards payments, growing slowly but steadily. I expect that over time the credit card % will get higher and higher.
  18. Greg_T

    Tire cleaner product low/nil output

    Potential blockage somewhere along the product lines? Maybe a filter from the mixing tank blocked up?
  19. Greg_T

    Dot com

    Very, very simple website that gives some photos, contact details, list of services available etc.
  20. Greg_T

    Fill in the Blank: Owning a car wash in 2020____________________________________

    A bit of a roller coaster. Depending upon the current state of Covid-19 in Victoria, Australia, the customers at the carwash have been up and down. Carwashes in our major city (Melbourne) are not allowed to open at all currently, and I REALLY feel for them. So overall, our year will be ok, but...