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  1. Waxman

    Small town wash profits???

    You're making a mistake assuming you can just throw big, round numbers at it like that. You said yourself that the auto has no soap and no functioning brushes. Who would use a wash like that? You also said 2 of your SS bays have no booms. So only 4 SS bays are used. A wash like that would...
  2. Waxman

    Membership for IBA’s

    Anyone have any updates to add on either touch4wash or coinless apps based on your personal experience with either one at your wash?
  3. Waxman

    Small town wash profits???

    there are industry benchmarks that you can look up about gross revenue per bay per month. These are only estimates and should be treated as such. Any car wash that is not properly maintained and cleaned on a regular basis will not reach the potential sales figures. Trees growing in the...
  4. Waxman

    Cryptopay Setup

    I get a few complaints. Handling them is simple; I log onto mycryptopay. Look at sales data. Find customer name and amount I received. I tell customer what I was paid. Anything above that amount ( which represents the hold amount) is between the customer and the bank. I tell customer to...
  5. Waxman

    Question about chemical application order in a touch free

    alot of the cleaning power in a touch free is accomplished during the high pressure passes I like the idea of layering the products on, but I don't think I'd drop an hp pass.
  6. Waxman

    Pushlok check valves

    I meant how do I tell so I buy the right one
  7. Waxman

    Pushlok check valves How do I tell if this is 1/3 lb cracking pressure?
  8. Waxman

    building stud walls inside car wash bay

    Has anyone ever used zip panels ? they were recommended to me but i haver no experience with them.
  9. Waxman

    Turning complainers into loyal customers

    Yes that's really nice when it works and I agree that's a good way to handle complaints. There are some customers who just want to complain and they bug me because no matter what I offer it's not good enough. And there are the ones who take you to court over damages that they claim my wash did...
  10. Waxman

    Would you build/invest right now?

    I'm not sure the CAP rate but you can find it here on this forum. For due diligence, I would read this forum and ask alot of questions. Get 3 years tax returns. Water bills. Stake the places out on dry days, weekday and weekend. Count cars.
  11. Waxman

    building stud walls inside car wash bay

    no booms; it's the bay for my automatic.
  12. Waxman

    Car Wash Folks

    And there are many of us who are just learning. Now that I've had my wash 15 years, I'm finally getting comfortable with some of the more challenging problems that come up. Luckily, I've got great friends who can show me the way and who don't laugh too hard at my mistakes.
  13. Waxman

    building stud walls inside car wash bay

    do you have any advice for building 2 x 4 stud walls inside my automatic bay? One wall is corrugated steel liner panel and the other wall currently is concrete 4 feet up with steel liner panel on top of that.what has worked for you? walls Will be 10 feet high and about 35 feet long. I will be...
  14. Waxman

    undercarriage in the winter

    mine are on a pipe that sits in a groove cut in concrete floor. floors are heated. bay has doors.
  15. Waxman

    Add a ceiling inside a metal Kirby Building?

    walls are steel liner panel . They have held up well. I replaced one structural corner beam in my iba bay in 15 years.
  16. Waxman

    Have to love it

    Lots of customers just love using the car wash and want to buy everything that you have to sell there. There's nothing wrong with that. Those are your best customers.
  17. Waxman

    Add a ceiling inside a metal Kirby Building?
  18. Waxman

    Kleen Rite

    I've been growing increasingly frustrated with Kleen Rite since March. I have had to find alternate suppliers for car wash and detail supplies due to a lack of availability of simple things like foam polish for my car wash and vinyl dressing for my detail shop. Another bothersome situation is...
  19. Waxman

    Quality steam cleaner that doesn’t break that bank

    I don't think you'll find a good quality steamer for less than 1000. I bought the mighty steamer and it was unimpressed. The steam ran out frequently and I had to replace the steam pot three times. The company finally replaced it with a newer version of the same machine for a small fee. This one...
  20. Waxman

    Add a ceiling inside a metal Kirby Building?

    Does anyone have any experience they can share with adding a ceiling inside the bay of a Kirby metal building? I plan to do this soon at my wash but I'm not sure how to proceed. Thanks!