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    Vacuum sticker removal

    Happy Easter everyone Anyone have a easier way to remove the vac stickers so they can be replaced? I have goo gone, gas, a heat gun, torch . Mineral spirits and a eraser wheel for my drill. I’m about 3 hrs into 1 vac and half way to go! what’s the secret?
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    Looking for M5

    Looking for a complete M5 and spare set of wall brackets
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    Looking for M5

    Looking for a complete M5 , rails, brackets pumps station. Signs ect
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    Looking for complete M5

    Looking for a M5, please let me know if anyone has one for sale or knows of anyone. I heard there is a guy in Iowa that has some
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    2 PdQ 4000 for sale.

    2 PdQ 4000 for sale. Pump stations have General pumps, all equipment working with no issues. wash counts are low, 27,143 since 2016. Been is service since 03. Steel frames on units but very little rust. Units are in service and I can send pictures and videos if interested Located in Youngstown...
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    Pdq M5 Watlow heater for sale

    Pdq M5 Watlow heater for sale Pm if interested
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    Leds for automatic

    Anyone do any retro fitting of Leds on IBA units? i see TSS has some very high priced light bars but I don’t see how they hook up. wondering if you can hook it up to multiple outputs so a different light comes on at different times
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    Arch covers

    Has anyone come up with an alternative to an arch cover for PDQ or wash world units? I priced one from wash world and it was like 280 buck for some pool floats.
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    Mini tunnel

    I’m considering installing a mini tunnel. I know not about them as I have touch free washes. can anyone provide me with some info on why they like the machine they have or why they don’t please no salesman, I want the view from the owner/operators thanks
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    M5 issue

    I have installed a used m5, I was having impacts on the front bumper and even a couple on the side of the car I changed the trolly prox, double checked all other prox switches . Everything communicated with my laptop. I am not having impacts .. as of this but I keep having the arch move...
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    Aluminum air max Dryer legs

    I did some modifications to my bay and removed the legs the dryer stood on. They were bought from Pdq along with dryers. If you interested please let me know
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    M5 comm error

    I recently installed a used m5 that was running when I removed it. The unit stared and run great. About a week after we installed it on a Sunday it went haywire Every node had a com error and the door kept going up and down. I disconnected every cat 5 line and re-connected them. And did a test...
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    Water heater suggestion

    I recently purchased a 2 bay wash with 2 pdq 4000’s I’m swapping them out for m5’s. 1 of the pump stations has a heater on it for the solutions , but I would like to add a boiler or tankless heater so I can use warm rinse water in winter. I have a boiler for the floor heat , just wondering...
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    can anyone be accountable

    Im sick of cleaning up after slobs who clean the bed of their trucks out in my SS bays. is there nothing you can do to these people who are dumping? mud is bad enough but the mulch and tree bark is ridiculous. I have cameras but that doesn't seem to bother anyone. How are yall stopping this ?
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    I5000 pulsating

    Any I5000 users ever had this issue. On a wash package with 3 soap passes. The rinse starts at the rear of the car. The water coming out is like a jack hammer. Major pulsation. The pump station is vibrating vigorously. If I run a lower wash with only 2 soap passes it doesn’t do anything
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    Touchless washing pricing

    I travel Ohio and Pennsylvania regularly. Since buying a car wash I am constantly looking at other washes and looking at prices. Today I was within 30 miles of Philadelphia and drove by two tunnels they were offering a five dollar and a four dollar wash. The gentleman I was riding with said that...
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    Cat 3535 pulsating at start of rinse

    Guys I have an I 5000 from D&S wash. After my last pass of soap and the rinse cycle begins my cat starts pulsating , the pressure drops to about 300 psi and slowly ramps back up to 1200. My tank is full of water and externally my lines seem to be fine. After about eight seconds the pressure...
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    I5000 in position pad placement

    I am a newer owner of a car wash and have a I5000 I was wondering if anyone else is using a 24L x 10W treadle/switch plate instead of the Air treadle. The installation instructions say where to place an Air treadle and another devise but no mention of a plate. My issue is when a truck...
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    Vac started on its own

    Went to wash this am and the vac is running. I pulled the top off and hit the cancel button on the NEW timer. I looked at the cameras and NO one used it ... Any idea why it would start and not shut off? :confused:
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    I5000 NEWBY, programming question

    Hello All, I am new to the business and have a single bay with a I5000. My question/ issue is.. the hot water is turned off and the solenoid has 1 wire disconnected. is there a way to program unit to use hot water on soaps or does it use it on everything? 2nd, does anyone have wheel cleaner...