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    Yet another bill changer query

    My apologies, we actually had two Rowe BC1400 side by side machines. I removed both machines and then the mason guy removed the narrow section of block that separated the two machines. He added one row of block at the base and then some half blocks vertically to get the proper width. Sounds...
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    Yet another bill changer query

    Agreed, Hamilton DRS is a good way to go. We just purchased another location that had two Rowe 2800 machines with Mars. We removed them and hired a mason to adjust the opening to fit the DRS. It took the guy about 4 hours to do his work.
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    Hello Mac, I sent you a message a few weeks back with a couple of photos of a fragrance machine...

    Hello Mac, I sent you a message a few weeks back with a couple of photos of a fragrance machine that I've had sitting around for awhile and would be willing to sell. I never received a response, so just checking to make sure you received the message. No big deal if you are not interested...
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    Vacuum sticker removal

    We use a heat gun for the decal removal and then 3M adhesive remover for the glue. The adhesive remover works great, but it cost about $50 for a quart can. I purchase it at an automotive paint supply store locally.
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    Paint for Wash Bays

    With proper surface prep and following the manufacture directions Sherwin Williams macropoxy 646 works really well. It is a two part system and is difficult to work with, but it held up really will for us. If I had a wash with no paint on the walls, I would not paint them. Once you paint, you...
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    Attendant wages..

    We pay our attendant $21 per day. He does it seven days a week. He averages about an hour a day, sometimes only a half hour on rain days and sometimes about two hours on really busy days. I've considered going to an hourly rate and just paying for his actual time on site as I think he would...
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    Microcoin QL mounting Bracket Pin Issue

    David, we've had this issue on a couple of my Micro Coin units. If you are talking about the small pin that holds the flat metal bracket on the back of the unit? What I do is get everything lined up correctly and then secure it using a zip tie wrapping it around the small pin. When I have to...
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    retrofit road sign with LED's

    You could check with this guy: Daniel Olson Sr. Sales Professional Interlectric Corp. 800-722-2184 x144 We Create Light Please remember to buy USA Made when possible. Any quotation included in this email transmission is non-binding and provided solely for...
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    Lowering start price from 1.50$ to 1.00$

    In 2008 I switched to $1.00 tokens from .25 tokens and had to either raise my price to $2.00 from $1.50 or lower my price to $1.00. I decided to raise my price to $2.00 and watched my business decline almost immediately and watched it decline almost 35-40 percent by 2013. In 2013 I added...
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    Depositing Quarters

    Thanks Jim. Are you using a machine to roll your quarters?
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    Depositing Quarters

    Hello, so I was told the other day that my bank (Wells Fargo) will no longer have coin counters at any branch locations. My options for depositing coins are to roll my quarters in the paper tubes or purchase plastic coin bags, count the quarters and bring them to the bank where they will charge...
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    LED for backlit signs

    I found a company in Pennsylvania that specializes in LED retrofits for signs. They manufacture the bulbs at their factory and send them out. I purchased 10 6' LED bulbs for about $45.00 each and two drivers for about $77.00 each. The bulbs were designed to snap into my existing sockets, but...
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    Slugbuster II

    I have a question that is some what related. We are using sluggbuster IIIs in our wash bays, and our vacs have the MA800s in them. They are both great acceptors, but we have a problem with the MA800 accepting yellow brass tokens. We use red brass tokens in our changers. Does anyone know how...
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    Loud music complaints...what to do?

    MEP001 I'm sure you have thought of this already, but the message would be almost as effective with out the as per city ordinance language and you wouldn't have to compromise your values. A couple of successful washes in our area use this language, not sure how effective it is for them? I...
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    Loud music complaints...what to do?

    Have you considered a sign that says something like: Attention! As per city ordinance all radios, cds, music etc. must be turned off while on car wash property? The problem with no loud music is that what is loud to one person may not be loud to the next! Just a thought.
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    What is the best value to place on tokens?

    Are you guys accepting both quarters and tokens? It sounds like most prefer $1 tokens. My main concern is that my customers are used to being able to add .25 for additional time. I am also a little worried about raising my price from $1.50 to $2.00 as well.
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    What is the best value to place on tokens?

    Lag, where do you buy your tokens? I'm not familiar with the x - 10
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    What is the best value to place on tokens?

    Thanks for all the suggestions I will try to answer the questions in order. 1. We dispense the tokens out of the changers, and we do a few fleet sales at a discount. The majority of the tokens are dispensed. 2. Other then several automatics in the area, our closet SS competition is about a...
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    Lighting question

    I agree with Randy on this. Also, do not purchase Home Depot Out door Fixtures. I put 3 new ones from Home Depot in this fall and 2 have failed, they are junk. If you buy new fixtures purchase them from an electrical distributor like Viking Electric. You will pay more, but you usually get...
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    What is the best value to place on tokens?

    Ok, I just updated my coin acceptors to Slugbuster II. I'm now trying to decide what token to use. The one I want to use will cost me .31 per token, and I am currently selling my tokens for .25. We buy 8000 to 10000 each year. At the new cost we would be loosing money on the lost tokens. My...