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  1. Overachiever

    People pulling out fragrance machine hose

    The method of securing the hose to the machine that the previous owner of my car wash used doesn't work very well and hose is continually getting pulled out of the fragrance machine, making it harder to get back in the next time around and sometimes kinking the little 1/8 tubes. I asked...
  2. Overachiever

    Water damage to IBA control box

    Would you pay this invoice? I have a relatively new Razor Edge, started washing cars end of February. I used the distributors recommended electrician. We had a few days of nonstop rain and I used it as an opportunity to take a break from the car wash and when I came in the machine was out of...
  3. Overachiever

    WSII - Bills accepted aren't counted

    I picked up a used WSII a few years ago and finally got around to installing it. Mars 2602 bill acceptor seems fine, LED is solid (OK) and I tried another acceptor just in case. They accept bills but the WSII doesn't register that they were inserted. I tried swapping the little harness cable...
  4. Overachiever

    How do I light the pilot on my boiler?

    Here's my dumb question of the day. Somehow managed to own the car wash 5 years without having to deal with this. I had the gas was turned off for some remodeling and now I'm not sure how to get the thing lit back up. It's a raypak. All I've ever done in the past is just flip the switch on...
  5. Overachiever

    Paystation Location

    I'm lengthening my bay and raising my roof to make room for a new IBA, just wondering if anything has changed in the last 30 years when my old paystation enclosure was built. How far away from the entrance to the bay are people building their paystation enclosures now days? What height from...
  6. Overachiever

    New concrete slab thickness / mixture?

    I just tore out the concrete from one of my bays. It looks like the existing slab was 8" thick. Can I get by with 6" or is 8" some sort of car wash standard? Is there anything you mix into the concrete to make it better for the car wash environment? Also, how would you pour it for the new...
  7. Overachiever

    Storm Chaser Roofing Companies

    I had one of those roofing companies come by and say I had hail damage on my roof. The roof is sheet metal. Are they really going to be able to replace it with an insurance claim? Most of the houses in my area are getting new roofs but I always assumed I'd be exempt given the material my roof...
  8. Overachiever


    Anyone have experience in using architects? I hired an architect to draw out the plans for raising my roof a couple feet over one of my bays and making the bay longer to make room for an IBA. I've sat on the drawings for a couple years and the codes have changed for roofing. Now he's...
  9. Overachiever

    Customer sprayed HP soap into meter box

    I was getting calls that one of my Ginsan 12 button Lumitouch stopped working and when I reviewed the cameras the last customer to use it successfully, was spraying high pressure soap directly into the coin slot for quite a while. What would you do? Call the cops and insurance? Ginsan says...
  10. Overachiever

    What meterbox selections to add?

    I have 3 available buttons on my meter boxes (my slowest bay actually has 4 since it doesn't have an air shammee), what other selections should I add? Seasonal bug off / desalt option and then something like rain x? What about my last button? I currently have: Tire / Engine Cleaner Presoak...
  11. Overachiever

    Alternative to air shammee nozzle

    Forking out $100 every time my customer breaks one of these air shammee nozzles is getting annoying. Are any of the other nozzles for the other air systems made for a 2" hose? I like the price of the turbo towel nozzle ($25) but theres no information on what type of hose it fits.
  12. Overachiever

    Water Softener install

    For those of you that have replaced an existing water softener with a smaller unit how much did you pay for the install? I bought a new softener and trying to go from 2" to 1.25" and removing automatics rinse from being soft water. One quote I received said it would take them 2 days / 40 man...
  13. Overachiever

    3-compartment separator / water basin

    The Water Reclamation people seem to think that I need to install one of these if I make any building changes to my 4/2 to put in a new Razor. How reasonable is this request to add it into an existing car wash? Anyone have any idea on how much it would cost? Anyone ever have any luck fighting...
  14. Overachiever

    Outside dryer

    Has anyone put in outside driers that weren't right next to the exit? My goal would to be able to dry and wash a car at the same time but I don't want to spend the money to lengthen my bay that much and I want to be able to process more cars since I'll be going from a 4/2 to a 4/1 with this...
  15. Overachiever

    Super bay / bonus time signage

    Can someone please share any pictures or the artwork for their super bay / bonus time signage? Trying to figure out how to word this stuff so people understand it.
  16. Overachiever

    Round safe head stuck, any ideas?

    This is a new safe that I got delivered from kleen-rite. Their is paper shimmed in around the edges and I've already slightly bent the handle trying to tug it out. The head of the safe is pretty much flush with the vault. Anyone have any bright ideas on getting it apart, or should I just send...
  17. Overachiever

    Thirsty Concrete

    Thought this article about thirsty concrete was kind of neat. Maybe if I can put some of this stuff in I won't need to clean the pits anymore? Lol.
  18. Overachiever

    What part is this?

    Anyone know what part this brass block is, not seeing it in the catalogs or website? I'm probably going to be adding a few new low pressure options to my SS bays soon, is this the best way to do it near the boom? I seem to remember reading there is a way to plumb it so you don't need a ton of...
  19. Overachiever

    Bill Breaker - yay or nay?

    I'm putting in new meterboxes with bill acceptors and was thinking about replacing our old standard changemaker with the System 600-EF validators and replacing it with a bill breaker (maybe one that has a hopper and bills like this -...
  20. Overachiever

    Property Tax Woes

    When I bought my first car wash two years ago, my attorney that helped me a long with the process apparently treated the price I paid for the business as being what the real estate / land value is worth and they didn't provide any value for the business or any inventory, spare parts, tools, etc...